How to Find the Best Bathtub

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    Some existential life novelty milestones happen to mark successfulness as they proclaim an imminent forthcoming path. Amongst these vast watershed moments, you arguably wouldn’t expect a guide on how to buy a bathtub for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, those who have had theirs can immensely attest to a tub’s powerful implications in their homes and life. 

    Long ago, bathtubs were basically a shower and a tub combo to primarily cleanse you. Currently, these two are different, with tubs being more than just a washing and cleansing space.

    They are a, per se, meditative retrieve where you can get a sensational reward as well as a remarkable personal experience. For this reason, manufacturers comprehend the appeal hence produce a vast array of shapes, features, and styles to match budget and taste. 

    Regardless of a simple basic or exquisite aesthetically cool bathtub, you will be happy to know that there are many options in the bathtub market. With our 2020 trendy hot review and guide, you will be able to make an informed decision lastly. That said, here is the ultimate buying guide for how to find the best bathtub with a review of our top picks.

    Why should you purchase a bathtub? 

    • Great for bathing kids
    • A vast array of available sizes to satiate any bathroom.
    • Ideal for a relaxing moment 
    • Can heal sore muscles
    • A vast array of existential design choices
    • The freestanding units are place-able anywhere
    • Have unique features inclusive of whirlpools, air jets et al.   
    • Complements your home décor 

    What are the bathtub types in the market? 


    Standard Tubs

    This is the most common type that ideally does the job even if it doesn’t feature whistles or bells. At 14-16 inch height, 30″ Width, and 5 ft., it is of the right size and convenient for replacement. Standard tubs come in freestanding, drop-in, and alcove installation options.

    Besides, they are affordable, ranging from $200 to $500, making them the easiest and primary option. Yet they serve you right and satiate. If per se you want a tub that can give you extra experience, there are better options that you can find with a bit higher price.   

    Soaking Tubs

    These ones are deeper than the formerly discussed tubs; hence you’ll get a fuller and better soaking experience. Soaking bathtubs are more prolonged and broader, thus giving a comfortable fitting. With such an enhanced type of experience, you would expect them to be costly, ranging from $300 to even thousands.  

    Whirlpool Tubs

    Moving on swiftly is the Whirlpool tubs inclusive of jets, which are positioned closer to your main muscle groups while you lay in it. This type shoots water from a few jets.

    This jets’ force gives you a massage type of experience to reduce pains, joint sores, and aches as well as provide a relaxing sensation. Obviously, you’d expect them to cost more compared to the former two bathtub types at a starting price of $700 to $1000.  

    Air Tubs

    Unlike whirlpools, air tubs shoot air from various jets to evenly spread the pressure out. Thus you’d get a less concentrated sensation that many find pleasurable and even relaxing. Air tubs come for $800 up to $2000.

    Combination Tubs

    The above discussed experiential options needn’t be exclusive. In fact, you can get a soaking tub that has tubs and jets with air and whirlpool technology. Knowing various options makes it arduous to choose one; you can go for a combo tub with all your needed options. Interpolating other options implies that it will cost higher and be readied to dig deep in your wallet depending on your required features.  

    Walk-in bathtubs

    These tubs are more of need and convenience rather than indulgence or so. For the disabled and the elderly who’ve got a tough time entering or outing a tub, the walk-in nullifies the risks of doing so. They’re pricey, falling from $2000 up to $7000. If you are a senior who fancies aging intact rather than going to care facilities, the price is worth the capability of reducing everyday activity risks. 

    What should you consider when purchasing a bathtub? 


    After wading via the best bathtub types, clearly, you will comprehend that there’s so much to factor in when deciding on the best bathtub choice you want. To ease the job, here are particular vital features which will reduce the task for you. 

    Bathing Experience

    Should you be one that fancies long baths, a significant consideration need be the experience type you’ll need when taking baths. A particular tub type might play a significant role in giving the required experience. Primary concerns such as water and air jets need factoring. 

    Its size and shape influence how you’ll fit and the comfort you get in it. Should it be shorter than you, it will be hard to recline fully. Vice versa is true, in that if it’s longer than you, you may not get your feet to rest on the tub’s front. 

    Similarly, the depth will affect the water amount that can fill it. Some bathers fancy a full submerge that’s possible with soaker tubs. The tub wall insulation will determine the time length you bath may stay still hot. It all comes down to your experience preferences; thus, factor in that too.  

    Shower Options

    Your preferred bath type will determine if it is possible to interpolate shower options. Specific bathrooms are naturally designated to have a separate shower and bath. Hence couples that have different preferences will find it ideal. Nonetheless, combining both will provide a spacious bathroom while still getting both options. Decipher if it is vital to have a combo for your bathroom. 


     Being an essential consideration, size couldn’t miss out on this guide on how to find the best bathtub. Should you install a tub into a designated existential space, it will be simpler to select a tub that possesses the available spot dimensions. Commonly standard bathtubs are ideal in such cases. Nevertheless, never should you presume that all bathtubs are standard. Measure and determine your tub, so it resonates with your bathroom.  

    Should you be building or remodeling a bathroom, then there’s ample size to pick on. If you’re taller, go for longer tubs, and vice versa is true. Do your due diligence to have your preferred size option, then negotiate with a contractor who’ll determine how to make the most sense of your bathroom. 


    Understandably, standard tubs that don’t have special features come at a starting price of $200. Should you aim at a tight budget, you could ideally start there when you’re looking to find the best bathtub for you.

    Should you fancy an air tub or a whirlpool, then you will be looking at about $700 to up to $1500 for a combo. Irregular sized and shaped tubs, regardless of the purpose, will be pricier compared to standard tubs. Those that feature top-notch build and aesthetic materials will be expensive too.

    The rule per se here is the further a tub gets away regarding material, style, and features from a basic tub, the costlier you’ll expect it to be. 

    It is crucial to know that their cost will not be the final cost. Basically, the installation could be a bit complex for DIYs; thus, hiring a professional here is vital.

    Some bathtub types will need complex installations like those of under mount and drop-in tubs. In case you are remodeling or replacing, selecting another bathroom spot, or getting another variety or size will up the costs.  


    Understandably bathtubs come in various styles and colors too. Most might be whitish, and while they’re offering a classic style, you can still get one with a sleek look that compliments you. Some options complement a bathroom’s size and color that may be typical in the market. 

    Again here, if you are looking for a bathtub that features a particular aesthetic style, then expectedly, it would be costlier. Comprehend your bathroom, and then look for a tub that complements both the bathroom and you too. Doing so will definitely give you an upper hand in getting the desired style while satisfying your needs. Besides, the price might be worth it also. 


    The bathtubs that you’ll encounter are curated from fiberglass, acrylic, or even both since they are very affordable. Acrylics are popular because they hold heat, are lightweight and durable too. On the other hand, fiberglass is cheap and light but won’t hold heat and is prone to even the most superficial scratch. These are readily available and common in several models but are not sufficiently durable and sturdy. Besides, they don’t bring forth anything aesthetic. 

    Should you be willing to invest in a beautiful or heavy-duty tab, then here are some existential material options to consider for you.  

    • Cast polymer can be curated to resemble stones while still being cheap. Polymers are relatively durable and can retain heat well.
    • Copper offers peculiar aesthetics that customers fancy, and it is not expensive.
    • Cast iron has a durable, sturdy build and tends to hold heat well, and is relatively costly.
    • Steel that looks like cast iron is a cheaper option and provides similar importance to cast iron though it chips effortlessly. 
    • Marble with an attractive look comes in various patterns and colors. It is ordinarily pricey and needs a lot of maintenance.

    Such materials are capable of giving your bathtub a durable lifetime while interpolating a burst of beauty and elegant style to your bathroom and décor overall. Nonetheless, it is crucial to carefully consider factors such as weight and maintenance should you decide to select either. 


    It is noteworthy that most of the mentioned materials are heavy. A thing to factor in when purchasing a tub curated from metal or stone is its weight. Heavyweight bathtubs need extra installation work to ascertain that your floor is capable of bearing the weight. This is true in cases of installing a tub on either ground floors or high story floors. Discuss with your contractor the effects of installing a heavyweight and its overall price before purchasing one. Heck, it would be vital to even have a professional accompany you when you are wading via options.  


    Bathtub installation is a bit of a daunting task, depending on your tub’s shape and size. Therefore it is vital to understand the easiest and hardest installation styles. Generally, as a rule of thumb drop-ins and alcoves are effortless when installing compared to the corner and freestanding tubs. 

    However, this might alter depending on the used materials and their overall weight. Should it seamlessly be heavyweight, then it is witty to get a professional for the installation price. That would preempt destroying your floor and destroying the experience. 


    • Tub Lighting — chromatherapy alias underwater lighting interpolates extra bathing experience.
    • Warranty — installing bathtubs tends to be a tremendous job, and dealing hopefully with it implies that you needn’t worry for long. With prolonged warranty periods, you will have the confidence required when enjoying your bath. 
    •  Speakers — should you fancy listening to music, a tub with interpolated speakers could be a nice feature. 
    • Digital Controls —digital controlling eases a tub that has lights and jets. 
    • ADA Compliance — tubs that comply with ADA are designated with the disabled people in mind. Should one of your family members have any form of disability, it is crucial to factor in ADA compliant features. 

    What are the best bathtub brands?

    white bathroom

    It is highly likely that a tub will be with you for a long time. Purchasing from a reliable and profitable brand will ascertain you of a satiating tub in the long run. Thus, to aid you in honing a good brand here is a review of the market’s best bathtub brands. 

    American Standard

    As one of the trendiest premier bathtub brands, American Standard has a sturdy reputation. They aim at curating a plethora of tub options and aim at pleasing customers in whatever way. Reviewers adorn their good looking affordable, and effortless to clean tubs. Customers were also seamlessly satiated in overall with what American Standard has brought forth hereto.    


    Bathtubs from Avano come in various styles and types. Besides, their tubs are well-curated, and even though there aren’t many reviews, the existential ones are all positive. The customers love their tubs for the long-lasting beauty and comfort that accompanies them.  


    As the name suggests, events such as comfort and immense fun in your hot tub make the brand fulfill the statement. Jacuzzi gives you that vocational experience. It is noteworthy that not all their popular tubs have hot water jets, yet they aren’t missed even if not present. Jacuzzi tubs are loved for beautification, excellent insulation, and the comfort that they offer. The materials that make their tubs are of top-notch quality and don’t seem to stop soon.  


    Kaldewei tubs

    This brand sells various styles and types of tubs, and reviewers and customers approve of the top-notch Kaldewei tubs. The tubs keep heat and are healthy too. Reviewers noticed that, at times, their tubs varied in measurements compared to the typical US tubs. Therefore, if you plan to replace a tub that fits sizes explicitly, double-check the Kaldewei tub model you want to buy. All in all, it has a satisfying deal and warranty. 


    Featuring a plethora of bathtub options, Kohler is generally well-reviewed by customers. Their top-notch construction that is durable is comfortable and looks good. Pleasing to the eyes indeed. Across many models and styles, all the reviewers boil down to stating satisfaction with the brand products. 


    The bathtubs by Mirabelle are comfy and of high quality with a clean and straightforward finish style. If you fancy good style, then this brand should be amongst your consideration. Customers are also satisfied with their products, and Mirabelle doesn’t seem to stop impressing by curating cool tubs.


    Famous for spacious and effortless to install tubs, Proflo sells top-notch products that are aesthetically pleasing. Besides, they tend to be a good option when you want a satisfactorily affordable bathtub. They are all about value for money. 


    Known for top-notch categorical various products, Toto has listened to customer needs and served accordingly. Toto tubs are beautiful, of the right size, and simple to clean and use. Their reputation is good, and they aim at keeping it that way. 

    Top trendy bathtub reviews in 2020

    Having discussed the needful aspects, we review our top 5 best bathtub picks in 2020. Read on to also know our best pick amongst them.


    KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R 60-Inch Contemporary

    Starting off the list is Kingston Brass 60-inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Tub that is curated on the alcove. This simply implies that the tub is convertible into a tub and a shower too. Besides, there’s an interpolated integral apron that eases repairing and installation.

    Its acrylic thrives well even and doesn’t wear out in a normal situation. Additionally, it is effortless to cleanse the tub. Kingston tubs possess large capacities when fitting into a pre existential tub space in bathrooms. You can order it with either a right or left-handed drain, depending on the hook-up of your drain’s position.

    Not to forget, Kingston features double adjustable wall side legs to level it effortlessly during installation. Reinforced with a resin material and fiberglass materials, you can trust it to retain heat maximally without the heavyweight cast iron. It is a cool, lightweight bathtub generally. 


    • Its packaging is impressive from the dealers 
    • With 10 years of warranty, satisfaction is guaranteed.
    • The tub’s construction with resin and fiberglass permits for heat retention.
    • Coming at 95 lbs., it’s portable and effortless to install as well as renovating. 
    • Nice soaking depth that is impressive and compact too 
    • Its adjustable rear feet and integral apron eases repair and installation too


    • Its acrylic materials are easily scratchable under dense scrubbing
    • Low overflow spout that negatively impacts soaking depth because the already raised drain is off the floor at almost 3 inches.

    WOODBRIDGE 67″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

    WOODBRIDGE 67″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

    Wow, that is what most customers acclaim when they see the Woodbridge 67 freestanding tub. It is modern yet so traditionally functional in an impressive manner. It is highly rated on Amazon as being amongst the best floating acrylic free tubs in the market. Featuring 15 inches of soaking depth and 60 water gallons, you are ascertained to enjoying your bathing experience. 

    The timeless brushed seamlessly preinstalled nickel enhances overflow as well as adjusts the tub’s pop up drains. Adjustable hidden legs ensure sturdy installation even if you possess an uneven bathroom floor. Of course, Woodbridge incorporated a one-year warranty to replace or repair any defects, if any, per se.

    The packaging from the dealers is impeccable and aesthetically pleasing. The manufacturers show appreciation via the great packaging, warranty, and top-notch construction.  


    • The tub’s material, which is acrylic topcoat with fiberglass, is non-porous, easy to cleanse, and lightweight.  
    • Great relaxation spot thanks to the tub’s gentle slope. 
    • Duo walled insulation retains water heat maximally. 
    • Its freestanding designation eases full-body immersion in a compact space. 
    • Nice packaging too, when purchased. 


    • It is not convenient for smaller kids and people with immobility. 
    • Customers have problems with drainage hoses. 
    • Its tub filler has to sadly be separately bought hence extra costs.

    American Standard 2461.002.020

    american standard tub

    Featuring patented Americast materials, American Standard Cambridge deserves its position in this How to find the best bathtub review.

    You can find the bathtub in three beautiful colors; white, linen, and bone. It is [Americast] lighter compared to cast iron by 50% and usually is a composite type of material. It’s covered in enamel and consists of three scratch-resistant layers. With 60 water gallon capacity, you will love the dripping 14-inch depth.   

    This tub has ADA compliant features lumbar support as well as anti-slippage matting with a beveled headrest to get soaking comfort maximally. The construction has a beautiful integral apron that eases access to the tub’s inner working for maintenance and repairs.

    The tile flange makes wall tiling perfect and excellent to meet this tub’s edges; hence the walls are kept dry. Both kids and adults will appreciate the tub. 


    • It complies well with the ADA regulations.
    • The tub’s enamel coating is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and doesn’t stain, making the American Standard tub a superior choice in high traffic areas.
    • Integral tile flanges ease tub installation against walls.
    • You can replace your old shower with this tub without needing to remodel your bathroom because it fits into a compact standard space.  


    • Limited color choices compared to other materials and brands.
    • Their site doesn’t seem to indicate any warranty features
    • For gallon capacity Vis a Vis soaking depth, this tub isn’t an economical choice. The soaking depth of 14″ and 50 water gallons makes it suitable for kids and guests. 

    AKDY F210 Bathroom White Color 

    AKDY F210 Bathroom White Color 

    With comfort and outstanding style, AKDY Freestanding Acrylic bathtub tends to have a modern, sleek, easily clean look. Featuring a 13″ soaking depth and 65 gallons holding capacity, AKDY seems to be worthy of its position in this trendy review.

    The double wall and curved contour insulation ensure warmth and relaxing recline, respectively. The adjustable feet permit easy leveling even on not -very -great floors. The acrylic build is easily cleanable and maintainable hence making it a thrift choice for family tubs.  

    With a full year warranty, you can get a replacement or repair in case of defects. However, some customers experienced a problematic drainage hose, which needed extensive plumbing aid. Others hinted at a minute soaking space contrary to their expectation. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful and durable bathtub. 


    • Easily installable freestanding style. 
    • Enhanced soaking time courtesy of the duo walled insulation. 
    • Acrylic material makes it easily maintainable and cleanable. 
    • Inclusive of One year warranty
    • Adjustable feet permit for installation even on uneven floor surfaces.  


    • The typical soaking depth for this tub isn’t too deep, contrary to what other freestanding tubs can offer. 
    • Small soaking tub space
    • Not that good for taller people
    • Easy leakage of the hook-ups.  

    Empava 67″ Luxury Freestanding Acrylic

    empava empv ft1518

    Icing the cake of this review is the Empava luxury bathtub. If you fancy luxury, then your search ends here. The Empava freestanding is an excellent choice for a contemporary modern bathroom. If you are a couple, then this tub is nice to have as it can accommodate two people at once.

    Your bathroom will have a sleek finishing when you interpolate this tub into it. Featuring brushed nickel overflow as well as pop up drains, Empava offers class and style to your home. With a 59-gallon water holding capacity and 13″ soaking inch, you can immerse yourself properly.  

    The metal feet that are adjustable ensure excellent installation even on uneven floor surfaces. Customers fancied how it satiates the comfortable two people hosting, yet it is still compact. Featuring a one year warranty, you can get yours repaired or replaced in case of any defects. What else would you expect from a luxurious bathing experience in a compact bathtub? 


    • Can comfortably host about two adults at once
    • It is compact
    • Acrylic construction is effortless to clean and maintain altogether
    • The metal feet that are adjustable assist in an effortless study installation process
    • Nice for a big household too


    • The customer service would be better improved
    • Problematic drain leaking
    • Isn’t inclusive of tub filler, so you will need to separately purchase it. 


    Question: Which are better, acrylic or porcelain tubs?

    Answer: Nonmetal Acrylic usually retains heat compared to porcelain. The latter is harder hence making it scratch resistant.

    Question: How can you tell an acrylic bathtub from a fiberglass one? 

    Answer: See the edges of the tub, and should it seem thinner, then that indicates acrylic. However, these acrylic tubs come in various colors, unlike fiberglass tubs, usually white in color. Fiberglass is a bit colder to touch, unlike acrylic that is warmer to feel. Also, acrylic tubs possess a smoother sleek finish, contrary to fiberglass tubs.  

    Question: Should I invest in freestanding tubs? 

    Answer: These types are usually pricey compared to inbuilt tubs, even in regards to the installation process. Besides, they are a bit complex to possess, design flourishes, and even to build. In regards to weight, they are also heavyweight and typically need reinforced floors that can withstand them. 


    As demonstrated in this how to find the best bathtub guide, selecting a good bathtub isn’t an easy task. With a plethora of choices available in the market, due diligence is critical here.

    According to our review, our top pick is the KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R 60-Inch Contemporary tub, which has an extensive warranty period and top-notch build. The water retention capacity, amongst other features, is also heartwarming.

    When selecting your choice, our golden thumb is finding one that you adore then inquire about house improvement stores. Then shop online around to get the best deals. So even though renovating might seem a stressful task, getting a cool tub would be doing justice to your bathroom.

    Yes, discover the relaxation art and wind up a busy day in the right bathtub by soaking and immersing yourself. Let this centurial enjoyment art of bathing not bypass you when you can get yourself the right choice out there.

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