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    To most people, the bathroom is the first place we visit whenever we see a new day. For that reason, the experience from the bathroom will play a vital role in the day’s progress.

    Out of experience, it can brighten or make your day dull. Perhaps you went in only to find that the latter is not heating water, or may it’s heating, but at low temperature, the spray pattern doesn’t provide sufficient coverage, or the water pressure is weak. 

    Such experiences have been there and are still there for the less concerned people about the kinds of showers they buy.

    However, with the right shower choice, you ought to always start your day well and comfortable. Not only does a great shower refresh your morning, but it also makes it brighter.

    When you are feeling groggy, you will need to boost your energy. When you want to relax after a long day full of activities, a hot shower can cure a lot of what ails you.

    It can be a daunting task to find the best shower choice, especially now the market is flooded with generic products, but a good one can make the whole difference during your time under the shower. You are assured of several of them in the market, but quite a large number of them have the same features.

    We have spent the better part of our precious limited time developing everything you would like to know before making up your mind on the shower to buy. We recommend you consider the following factors. 

    Factors to Consider When Buying a Good Shower


    Right types of valve

    There are two kinds of valves—namely balance valve and thermostatic valve. With the pressure balance valve, you can control both water volume and water temperature. With the thermostatic valve, there are two handles. One handle is used to prevent water volume while the other handle controls water temperature.

    Thermostatic handles will enable you to increase water volume while maintaining the same temperature. If you want to change water volume while maintaining water temperature, especially where you share a bathroom with children and older adults, the thermostatic will be the best for you.


    If you share the bathroom with people of different heights, it would be vital to consider the shower size before buying it. Consider the comfort factor for the other people you share the bathroom with. 

    Always prefer that adjustable shower concerning the water inlet.  Ensure you measure the distance between water inlets and your ceiling and carefully check the height of any shower you wish to have enough space for clearance.

    Bathroom space

    What amount of space do you have? Is it enough, or are you still coping up? Bear this in mind before deciding on the shower that will fit you. You will avoid buying showers that are taking too much space leaving no or limited space. Consequently, let you not buy a shower that is too tiny such that it makes the bathroom look like it has no shower.

    If you have limited space, we recommend a Durastall shower.  It is generally the most prepared by the people with limited spaces for various reasons, including occupying a relatively smaller area and finally providing a versatile and stylish enough to look elegant.

    Shower screens 

    Different shower models have different and unique screens. Depending on what pleases you, you can choose to buy the frameless, framed, semi-frameless, and what have you. Every shower has its unique look that enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom.


    Assuming that you want another shower to counter the low water pressure, you will need a powerful motor shower to maintain the capacity for a healthy flow of hot water for long durations. In this case, you need a power shower.

    Such a shower comes within a built pump that maintains rate flow and considerably boosts it, mainly if your bathroom has a water system that depends on gravity to flow.


    Before choosing a shower, make sure you are sure of its efficiency in power and water.  Have you been receiving management and water bills that looked exaggerated but real? Have you asked yourself what would be the cause? Assuming you use a flush toilet, most probably this is the cause.

    There is a shower that consumes more power and uses more water than others. Some modern made showers save water where they can use less than one gallon of water per flush while saving energy significantly. Always opt for such a storm since they are efficient.

    Water pressure

    The level of water pressure in your home also determined the kind of shower you need to buy. For example, in a homestead with a combi boiler, the water pressure is excellent, and the perfect shower for such a home will be a mixer shower. 

     If the water in your home is of low pressure, an electric shower will do you justice following the low-pressure water. But despite the mixer shower operating with low pressure, it comes with some benefits that include consistent availability of the hot water, energy-efficient as it heats water only when needed.


    Financial capability is one critical factor to put into consideration when purchasing a shower. Different shower models are going for different prices. 

    The difference in cost means they gave distinct features as well as quality. However, there are common showers with standard features that you need and costs less.  A combined shower with a bathtub would cost you relatively less than a shower with a separate bathtub. Also, replacing fixtures and adding plumbing systems can pile up expenses. It is always advisable to have a budget of what you want to avoid frustrations.

    The Best Showers Review in 2020

    1. VIGO VG6061BNCL36WS Verona Neo French Angle Shower


    If you have ever dreamt of making your shower experience a little more dramatic, this product is the real deal. It is fitted with a hinged pivot door, 36 by 36 inches clear glass and stainless steel. Something that makes it more interesting is that it has arm support to make sure the wall is anchored for reinforced stability and a central opening that allows easy access and is designed for a luxury bath experience.

    The stainless steel hardware components are excellent material made to ensure they don’t rust, chip, or scratch. It also has discrete round door handles made of solid grass and mounted on pre-drilled glass with full-length seal strips granting a leak-proof seal with the door closed. 

    With VIGO VG6061BNCL36WS Verona Neo French Angle Shower, your safety is guaranteed. The manufacturer designs the product with strict observance of the outline rules and guidelines by the relevant authority.

    The work then passes through a series of stress tests to ensure the shower’s long life and durability. The company adheres to the rules by following bodies: CPSC 16 CFC 1201 category II and ANSI Z97.1 confirming the glass’s quality to withstand weight and resistance to breakage.

    It is easy to install as it requires no unique tool and is designed to make the self-installation an admirable experience.  With this shower, the glass support adjustment to accommodate out of plumb walls. Additionally, the enclosure is reversible, making it possible for left or right-sided installation depending on your preference.  It has a textured surface to make it slip-resistant and an acrylic non-porous base, making the cleaning process faster and more efficient sanitization process.

    Vigo Company boosts lifetime warranty on all finish and related structural components, and a one year warranty on all shower seal strips of their shower enclosures. The customer service department is always ready to handle and listen to you any time you approach them but of course, with product-related issues.


    • Unparalleled contemporary design
    • Material excellence
    • Easy installation process
    • None slip low profile base
    • Limited lifetime warranty


    • Affordable
    • Free and straightforward tool installation process 
    • Durable
    • Effective shower braces


    • May break if you’re careless during installation.

    2. Sterling Shower kit with Seat and Grab Bars

    Sterling Shower kit with Seat and Grab Bars

    If there is any other simple shower you can install in your home is Sterling Shower.  It is designed with several features and innovation, installable within a blink of an eye without any need for a particular tool or experience. Design-wise, it boasts a design and features that are both users friendly and durable for many years of use. It uses advanced engineering levels with geometric back walls providing visually attractive and ample storage shelves.

    However, one significant feature from the rest is the Vikrell material providing strength, durability, and lasting beauty. 

    Notably, the Sterling Shower is backed by advantages over the competitor. It uses the technology that provides you with an out of the world experience following its modular design that allows you easy and straightforward installation during any construction phase. 

    With each of the enhancements, the Sterling Shower kit will allow you to enjoy 60 in. shower modules and a versatile 12 in. wide seat. You can place the seat on any side, either on the left or right, and it can be easily removed.

     You can enjoy the more coverage, warmth, and intensity of drenching walls without even using any source of heat. 


    • Vikrell material made
    • Modular design
    • Geometric back wall
    • 60 in module design
    • 12 in wide seat
    • White color


    • Money-saving
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Easy installation process
    • Very cheap
    • Easy and simple installation


    • The seat may be wobbly.

    3. A2 3232CS-AW Composite 4-Piece Shower Kit

    A2 3232CS-AW Composite 4-Piece Shower Kit

    A2 3232CS-AW Composite 4-Piece Shower Kit is a reliable shower among the internet preferred showers because it is affordable and pocket friendly. Among the self-standing showers, it stands out as the cheapest one. A2 3232CS-AW Composite 4-Piece Shower Kit is designed with a smooth wall and four-piece molded sectionals offering you different functions from which you can select a different setting.

    Another feature that makes people prefer this shower is how the shower features a central drain location making it possible to get almost every water drop from the shower. Notably, it is also designed with a slip-resistant and textured room that guarantees you a fall free stay while inside the shower.

    The Shower comes with multiple integral soap shelves, which gives you another reason to smile, yet when you are taking a shower, you have some stuff that needs to be placed somewhere. With the quality of the material used to make the shower, it can last for a long time while still maintaining the quality of service.  

    On the installation, it’s a free tool process. This is an activity that can be done even by regular people with ordinary life skills. Finally, it comes with leak-proof right angle joint flanges that ensure no drop of water is getting out of the shower.


    • Center drain location
    • Resistant to slip
    • Durable and high gloss finish
    • Multiple integral soap shelves
    • Smooth wall
    • Four pieces molded sectionals


    • Hassle-free and straightforward installation process
    • Durable and long-lasting.
    • Value for money
    • Leakproof right angle setting surrounding place water-free
    • Safety during shower time following it being resistant free.
    • Composite material enhances its properties


    • Relatively heavier

    4. Ove Decors Breeze 36″ Corner Shower Kit 

    ove decors breeze 36

    Suppose you have always wanted to turn your bathroom into an admirable experience. In that case, the Ove Decors Breeze 36″ Corner Shower is the best option for you as it does precisely that and with significant impact. 

     The manufacturer designed it with integrated technology with easy glide reversible framed sliding door of 25.5″ opening width. It is also designed with extra attention on low profile 4 in a high acrylic base with a corner drain and flanged on two acrylic walls. You will not have any issue installing it because it comes with a glass panel and color, acrylic floor, two pieces of acrylic walls, and hardware.  

    With this shower, even with finished or unfinished walls, you can still do the installation but you need to have studs.  Get to enjoy a one year warranty when you buy the hardware and a five-year warranty when you purchase a shower and the acrylic base but after buying directly from the manufacturer.


    • Reversible installation 
    • Round acrylic base
    • Shower kit handle
    • Five or one over experience
    • Tempered 6 mm thick clear glass
    • Easy-glide reversible framed sliding door


    • Less costly
    • Sturdy  shower
    • Easy installation process
    • High-quality material making it durable and long-lasting
    • Occupies relatively smaller space
    • Classic and beautiful look


    • It may involve poor hardware.
    • It may not be suitable for giant people.
    • Instruction for installation may not be explicit.

    DreamLine French Corner Shower

    DreamLine French corner Shower

    Dream line French corner shower is a product of DreamLine, a company located in the USA. It is known for making an exclusively high-quality product, and this shower is not exceptional. It is a perfect way to complement a modern bathroom style with a European touch.

    The latter is designed for a corner installation offering an effective solution towards maximizing the available limited space if you have a small one.

    It involves a four-panel configuration that includes two corner opening sliding doors to create a spacious center walk-through. Its Jazz Glaze glass pattern provides a unique mullion look without the metal framing for easy maintenance. You can always update the stylish look of your bathroom with this French corner sliding shower enclosure. 


    • Satin black hardware finish
    • Two stationary panels with two stationary panels
    • 5/32 in. certified clear tempered glass
    • Optional matching SlimLine shower


    • Perfect for smaller spaces where a swing door may not work
    • Width adjustable up to 4 in. but within the special telescopic rails.
    • Value for money
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • High-quality acrylic reinforced with fiberglass.
    • Features a modern, low profile design


    • Professional installation may be required.

    6. Shower Stall, Free Standing, MNPT, 74 3/4 H

    Shower Stall free standing

    MNPT, 74 3/4 H shower is one of the most preferred self-standing showers due to its numerous unique properties and design. This shower comes with an overhead rain shower used to massage. This shower is installable in an existing room and suited for a remodel due to the design’s complexity.

    The design of the MNPT, 74 3/4 H shower panel has a slip-resistant that guarantees your safety when you are having some business inside there. With this shower, you eliminate the guesswork of where to place your soaps as it has a self-draining soap dish.

    For the spray options, this shower can leave you confused. The overhead rainfall shower has four displays of strengths on the handles to massage and mist from the top four or bottom four of the nozzle. Installing MNPT, 74 3/4 H showers could mean no need for shower shelves. It comes with built-in shampoo shower shelves to help place and store your shampoos and other related kinds of stuff you may be using when bathing.  

    MNPT, 74 3/4 H shower is a shower that doesn’t need a plumber when replacing it. Thanks to the manufacturer that designed it pre-plumbed, and it was straightforward to install.


    • Made of thermoplastic material
    • Freestanding
    • 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate
    • NPT connection


    • Cheap and affordable
    • Suitable for people who dislike sharing showers
    • Inbuilt tub spout soap dish and shampoo shelves 
    • Comes with one year warranty
    • Handheld unit that works  when directed 
    • It’s easy to install.


    • Not suitable for a mobile home as it would require you to do some creative plumbing.

    Benefits of a shower

    Well, it has been clear that you can just do more than cleaning your body. Hot showers, hot hubs, and saunas are used to improve our body aches and other related issues.

    Now, if you ever thought that taking a shower is just an everyday routine, then you are wrong. There are endless benefits of bathing that if you knew before, you would be staying longer there, but I know after you see, you will extend your bathing time. 

    Anyway, you know that some basic showers every morning can positively impact your body and mind.

    Here are tested and proven benefits of a hot shower:

    • It helps you feel good and step away from your life and give you some humble time to think.
    • It will help you open up your poles and let your skins breathe, making it ready to 
    • Welcome treatment and make the most of your skincare routine.
    • It heals headaches and gives you time to free your mind and let the steam get into your lungs and skin.
    • Hot water heats your muscles and makes them relax while expanding and contracting. 
    • It encourages muscle pain reduction by facilitating circulation.
    • It can reduce or eliminate joint pains by heating them.
    • During shower time, the shower reduces stress by focusing on hot water and heat, not your problems.
    • It can help in opening the skin’s poles and hydrating the skin.
    • It helps ladies in reducing menstrual cramps because heat helps in normalizing abnormalities and makes you better.
    • A hot shower can open and clear a stuffy nose by opening the sinus cavities in the nose, ears, and throat.
    • It can help open the breathing by opening up their airway with warm steam.
    • It reduces the higher level of microorganisms, causing disease by removing bacteria and debris.
    • It removes the toxins from the skin by washing them out using hot water.
    • It helps minimize the pain and inflation related to arthritis because, with the heat, you can help reduce fluid building up around the joints.
    • If you have a wound, a hot shower will help in faster healing by heating and killing any possible bacteria that might have accumulated on the injury. 
    • It can reduce your blood pressure by reducing stress levels.
    • It reduces nausea by increasing circulation and stimulating muscles.

    Types of Showers

    electric shower

    When it comes to purchasing a new shower, you might get overwhelmed by the number of different showers you may see in the market.

    Questions on water pressure and boilers can add to the confusion. But the last thing you wish to happen to you is installing a new shower only to find that it is generic. To help you out, we have a guide for the four main different types of showers.

    Electric showers

    The electrical shower is the most common and versatile shower available. It’s the ideal option if you want to have a hot shower and save energy at the same time. The electrical shower will need adequate water pressure either from the main supply or a shower pump.

     One advantage of the electric shower, it doesn’t need hot water from your boiler tank. It is also compact and effortless to install. 

     If you are looking for a home shower or combi boilers, go for the electric showers. They are plenty convenient too, with any water system.

    Mixer showers

    Mixer shower is different from the electrical shower as it requires an existing source of hot water.  This shower requires no electricity to run because it is purely mechanical. The mixer shower works by mixing the cold water with the hot water at the required temperature before sending it out for you to enjoy. Mixer shower requires both cold water and hot water supply and stronger water flow than the electric shower.

     It is best to use a water system-dependent gravity for pressure or homes with a large home water supply.

    Power showers

    power shower

    A power shower is a shower that is ideal for a homestead with low water systems or best for the people who like a refreshing shower in the morning. It also requires a mixer of both hot and cold water supply; they offer the best water pressure. This shower also tends to use more water compared to others. We recommend this shower for anybody who would like to improve the water pressure.

    Digital showers

    They are the most recent shower with the latest technology that offers more precise temperature control, which you can set by a touch of a button. A Digital shower works more like a mixer shower but takes hot water straight from your boiler. It has different options for all types of water boiler system or boiler, and some of the digital showers are compatible with smart devices. It is best for anyone who wants to upgrade their bathroom technology.


    Question: What is the powerful shower?

    Answer: A 10.8 KW electric shower is the most powerful shower. This shower will provide improved pressure and a higher temperature. It will require 15 bar of water pressure for the best performance with a flow rate of eleven liters per minute. 

    Question: What is the best shower temperature?

    Answer: The most recommended temperature of shower water for a bath so that it cleanses the environment dirt and bacteria should not be more than 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Question: Are our thermostatic showers worthy of it?

    Answer: Yes, thermostatic showers prevent injuries due to scalding hot water and thermal shock caused by the extreme water temperatures. However, they are expensive, but the money you spend on buying the shower should be worth it in the long run.

    Question: Is there a shower head that increases water pressure?

    Answer: A high-pressure showerhead increases the flow of water through the showerhead for a powerful spray. Engineers design water passages to significantly reduce flow restriction and optimize the water’s force and maximize the shower force and have every shower head through more than 1,000 hours of testing.

    Question: Is a hot or cold shower better?

    Answer: It is recommendable to take a cold shower to reduce the itching or recover after a workout. Otherwise, you are advised to take a hot shower if you want to relax your muscle, sleep well, or relieve respiratory symptoms.

    Question: Is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night?

    Answer: People tend to sweat at night.  When you wake in the morning, your skin is full of sweat and some bacteria from the bed. You are supposed to take a shower to wash away those bacteria and sweat before starting your day. It will also give you confidence and increase your self-esteem in private and public places.

    Question: Is a hot shower terrible for hair?

    Answer: Avoid washing your hair with boiling water as it can cause pain and skin redness and even dry out your hair. And the outcome would be brittle hair prone to breakage. But if you want to protect your air, wash it using warm water rather than hot water and rinse it using cold water. 


    Showers tend to make our lives more convenient and meaningful while utilizing resources to the maximum level best. I am also a fan of hot water, and just like other users would do, I have my pick of the best shower. 

    VIGO French Angle Shower is one shower that has won my heart so long as choosing the best shower is concerned. One of the reasons I like it is fitted with a hinged pivot door, 36 by 36 inches clear glass and stainless steel. 

    VIGO French Angle Shower has arm support to make sure the wall is anchored for reinforced stability and a central opening that allows easy access and is designed for a luxury bath experience. Its components are excellent material made to ensure they don’t rust, chip, or scratch.

    It is easy to install and is designed to make self-installation an admirable experience.  With this shower, the glass support adjustment to accommodate out of plumb walls. Vigo Company boosts lifetime warranty on all finish and related structural components including VIGO French Angle Shower.

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