How to Find the Best Shower Heads

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    Starting your day with a good shower gives you the desired freshness for a productive day. Better still, an evening shower freshens you for a good rest as you reenergize after a busy day. But can you enjoy a good shower without the right bathroom fixtures such as faucets and showerheads?

    Thus, whether you are building a new home or just want to remodel your bathroom to meet your taste and preference, the best shower heads assure you of an incredible experience.

    But with several brands and models today, getting the ultimate pick is a complicated process. We present you with a detailed guide on everything you need to know when shopping for a showerhead. The article also contains some exciting options that you’ll find fantastic.

    But first things first!

    Definition of Terms

    • Flow Rate- Often measured in gallons per minute or GPM, a shower head flow rate refers to the amount of water that can flow out of a showerhead in one minute. So, if you use a 2.0 GPM showerhead for ten minutes, you will have used 20 gallons of water.
    • Shower Arm- It is the water pipe that comes from your shower wall. It is part of your home’s plumbing system, and it provides an attachment to the showerhead. 

    What Are the Most Common Types of Shower Heads?

    shower head

    Of course, even before you get to the factors that you should look out for when shopping for a shower head, you will need to understand the difference in the various types that exist.

    They include;

    Fixed Shower Heads

    These are by far the most common types of showerheads that you will find in the market. They attach directly to a shower arm. Modern models feature a ball and socket joint, which allows you to virtually adjust the angle to provide your desired feel of the water spray.

    Again, a few modern options feature multifunctional capabilities to alter spray settings, including angle and other functions.

    Handheld Showerheads

    As the name suggests, these options are pretty mobile, and you can easily hold them to provide direction of the water spray. These models often sit on a cradle.

    While you can also use them as fixed showerheads, they feature a long, flexible hose that makes them ideal as handheld units. Then come in handy in bathing pets as well as rinsing shampoo, body wash, or shaving cream. Besides, you can also use them when you need to clean your shower.

    Dual Shower Heads

    Notably, these types of showerheads are unique in the sense that they blend both handheld and fixed properties. They feature a cradle in the face of the fixed shower head. While you will find it useful as a fixed shower head, it also contains a handheld wand for improved flexibility. Such a model provides you with the convenience to choose what will work best for you.

    What Factors Should You Consider When Shopping for The Best Shower Heads?

    shower head pouring water

    If you think that all showerheads are the same, then you are in for a rude shock. It is vital to note that they feature various features that set up a good buy from a mediocre one. We used these features to come up with our review of some of the most exceptional models.

    Ease of Installation

    Unless you want to change the height or location of your entire shower system, installing a showerhead should be pretty straightforward. Most options live up to this requirement, while a few others will require some technical know-how.

    It is essential to consider easy to install options as you would not want to spend extra resources in contracting a plumber. An ideal choice should take less than ten minutes to install and test.


    While this will probably mean a lot to you, we think that style or design is a factor you need to consider. Apart from your kitchen, the other room in your home that you need to pay attention to is your bathroom. You’ll see the showerhead every day. Hence it is ideal to choose a model that is appealing to look at.

    The style and finish should be pretty attractive, at least in your most honest opinion. Besides, the overall design should complement the general aesthetics of your bathroom.

    Flow Rate

    We had already discussed what the flow rate means. Therefore, we will now only focus on it as a factor you need to consider during your shopping.

    Each model comes with a unique flow rate, and it will be critical to consider the legal regulations in your region. Also, your choice of a showerhead based on the flow rate will depend on the water availability in your home.

    Adjustability Options

    A good shower will make you feel refreshed and relaxed. On the flip side, a lousy shower will probably wear you down and make you feel grumpier. The greatest determiner of a good and bad shower, arguably, is the overall feel of water.

    You need a model that is adjustable to provide you with your preferred stream of water. The adjustability aspects may include the water focus or water dispersion rate as well as the water pressure and coverage area.

    Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

    One of the things that you will like about showers is their interestingly low maintenance costs. So, the maintenance of a shower shouldn’t be one of your worries.

    But it is worth noting that showers need to stay clean. And while most models feature various self-cleaning mechanisms, a lot of others need routine cleaning. Choose options that are not so difficult to clean.


    Showerheads should feature reliable resistance to wear and corrosion. Thus, consider choosing models with finishings that are resistant to rust and won’t fade quickly.

    The Top 6 Best Showerheads Reviews

    You can now gear up for the reviews of some of the best models. While many of these models could be a great pick, your choice will depend on the features that you consider more important.

    #6. Aquadance 7-inch Premium High-Pressure Rainfall Combo

    AquaDance Premium High Pressure

    Dual shower heads are increasingly getting more popular. And if you are looking for an incredible dual option, then the luxurious Aquadance 7-inch Premium High-Pressure Rainfall Combo deserves a second look. While this product boasts some stunning high-end features, it’s moderately priced and won’t leave a dent in your bank account.

    Dual Combination

    The Aquadance product stands out as one of the most functional dual shower heads in the market. It features a 4-inch shower head behind the powerful 7-inch main showerhead.

    Thus, this system gives you the convenience to achieve whatever you want as you can use it as a dual shower with the water running from both heads, a fixed shower with only the main head working, or a handheld shower.

    Various Settings 

    Despite being pretty budget-friendly, this system comes with a variety of premium features. Notable adjustability options include intense pulsating massage setting, coverage variations, and rain mist setting.

    Other settings include power rain, which makes you feel like you are out on warm rain, power mist, and rain massage. Interestingly, each head features its independent setting options.

    Save Water

    One challenge that some dual showerhead options pose is the water wastage that comes with continuously running two heads at a go. While you can reliably run the two heads of the Aquadance 7-inch Premium High-Pressure Rainfall Combo simultaneously, it also provides a pause mode that allows you to turn any of the showerheads on or off as you deem fit.


    • Up to 6 setting options provide you with convenience and versatility.
    • You don’t need any tools to set up the system.
    • It comes with a 5-foot long hose for flexibility.
    • The package contains everything that you need for an effortless installation process.
    • The dual system makes it ideal for use as a handheld or fixed model.


    • It is ideal for homes with high water pressure.
    • You will need to be careful with the handheld component to ensure it doesn’t fall.

    #5. Glacier Bay Modern Square Raincan

    Modern 1-Spray 8 in. Square Raincan

    If you are looking to shift from the ordinary round-shaped showerheads, then the Glacier Bay Modern Square Raincan is the ideal pick for you.

    It is a fixed type system that features a square head with sides measuring 8 inches. The system is incredibly stunning and will no doubt look impeccable in your shower. But more importantly, it delivers a fantastic experience that will make each of your showers feel like a day in the spa.

    Incredibly Stylish

    Glacier Bay goes beyond the common design standards to deliver a product that will look incredible in your bathroom. The unique design features a chrome-plated finish that gives it a premium modern look. Yet, it doesn’t cost more than most of its competitors. 

    1.8 GPM Flow Rate

    The Glacier Bay Modern 8-inch Square Raincan features a 1.8 GPM flow rating. Such a feature makes it a perfect product for low and mid-level water users. Moreover, the flow rate is also acceptable by most regulations in the US and around the world.

    Also worth talking about is the stellar coverage, which most users feel is one of its most vital points and gives you a rainfall feel during every shower.

    Easy to Cleans and Maintain

    The Glacier Bay product is a perfect product for anyone looking for a unit that is a breeze to clean. Firstly, the chrome-plated finish ensures less or no buildup of mineral deposits.

    Even more, you will find the rub-clean nozzles pretty easy to clean. The showerhead doesn’t require any expensive maintenance save for occasional cleaning, making it cool for busy homes and premises.


    • It features a unique square-shaped design.
    • The system delivers excellent coverage with a natural rainfall feel.
    • You can conveniently clean up the rub-clean nozzles by wiping them.
    • It is easy to install, use, clean, and maintain.
    • A chrome-polished finish gives the kit a high-end look.


    • The attachment to the shower arm is short, and you may need a shower arm extender. However, there’s no harm in using it as it is.

    #4. Moen S6320 Rainwasher

    The Moen S6320 is a high-end option that’s ideal for anyone looking for premium features. It takes pride in a broad 8-inch head and up to 100 nozzles for an unbeatable spa-like experience. This kit strikes a perfect balance between design, usability, and functionality. While it costs more than most models on the list, it is worth the price.

    Powerful Rinse

    The Moen S6320 delivers a powerful rinse, thanks to the high-pressure capability and variable settings. It features a full coverage setting that strikes a balance between the massage-like firmness and the relaxing coverage. There’s also an intense massage setting that is pretty great and spa-like despite being narrow in terms of coverage.

    Sleek and Versatile Design

    Another feature that you are going to fall in love with is the kit’s sleek design. It features a choke finish that looks startling and mirror-like. Such a finish doesn’t attract dirt and dust. Besides, the chrome finish is pretty easy to clean and will flawlessly blend with most bathroom decorating styles.

    Large Head

    For a showerhead that guarantees to give you a rainshower experience, a wide head is pretty ideal. The Moen S6320 lives up to the billing with its wide 8-inch showerhead and up to 100 nozzles for full functional capabilities. This is suitable for people looking for large water coverage. Interestingly, the shower fixture still delivers impressive power even on such wide coverage.


    • The setting knobs are easy to identify and use.
    • A large showerhead guarantees unbeatable coverage and great intensity.
    • It looks sleek and will complement the rest of your bathroom fixtures.
    • Self pressurizing technology delivers superb massage settings.
    • The ball and socket joint makes rotating the system easy.


    • The settings are not as diverse as there are only two options.
    • You need to be keen to get the installation right.

    #3. SparkPod 2.5 GPM Showerhead

    sparkpod shower head

    SparkPod is a renowned manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and other construction accessories. The company has been in the market for several years and has since gained an incredible reputation. In the SparkPod 2.5 GPM Shower Head, the company promises outstanding features and lives up to expectations.

    Easy to Clean

    One of the aspects that you should always consider when shopping for a showerhead is hygiene. It will help if you consider a showerhead that is easy to keep clean to maintain its aesthetic value. 

    And true to the requirement, the SparkPod 2.5 GPM shower head is one of the options that are easy to keep clean and maintain. It features 90 silicone nozzles that are easy to clean up in case of water buildup. Again, the overall finish is interestingly easy to wipe clean.

    Easy Installation

    This is a budget-friendly kit. Therefore, don’t expect to spend a lot of dollars on it. Even more, the installation of this system is perfectly easy and straightforward.

    The installation process is a DIY procedure that will not require the need to hire a technician. You do not need any tools to accomplish the task, and you will not need to spend any extra money and other resources during the installation process.

    Energy Savings

    Interestingly, the system takes pride in a 2.5 GPM. While such a high flow rate seems to use a lot of water, it helps to save energy as you end up saving considerable amounts on your water heater bill. 


    • The silicone nozzles are easy to clean and maintain.
    • It features a tilting design that helps you to angle the fixture appropriately.
    • You can easily install it without the need for any tools.
    • The package comes with Teflon tape for covering the threads during installation.
    • The chrome finish gives the showerhead a sleek modern appearance.


    • It streams out a lot of water. The 1.8 GPM version should be a good buy if you don’t like too much water.

    #2 High Sierra Classic Plus

    Sometimes it is ideal to get the basics right. And when it comes to that, the High Sierra Classic Plus achieves all the basics to perfection. It is a product that is not too exorbitantly priced. Yet, it delivers everything that you need from a showerhead. It remains an ideal fit for people who want to balance style and functionality.


    This is a fixture that will prove reliable for several years after purchase, thanks to the durable construction. It features all-metal construction that makes it not susceptible to breaking or wear.

    But if you think that an all-metal showerhead will look too rugged and out of place, then you are in for a rude shock. The metallic frame features a polished chrome finish that makes it one of the most appealing options in the market. Other finishes include polished brass, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

    Patented Nozzle

    The manufacturer incorporates a patented and award-winning nozzle to create a product that is reliable and functional. The nozzle delivers a robust and full-spray stream of water consisting of large drops. And unlike most low flow showerheads, the patented nozzle also ensures that no water minerals clog in the nozzle

    Save Water and Energy

    Another interesting inclusion that makes most users find the showerhead incredible is the WaterSense Certified technology. The technology ensures that you conveniently use less than 40% of water and consequently less energy for your water heater.


    • It fits nearly all shower arms.
    • The solid metal construction makes the kit durable.
    • The patented nozzle minimizes the clogging of water minerals.
    • You can easily install the system by yourself.


    • Water may leak from the joint, but these are just a few cases.

    #1. DreamSpa 1432 Rainfall Shower Head

    At the top of our review is another incredible model, the DreamSpa 1432 Rainfall Shower Head. It is a dual-type system that features a combination of handheld and fixed properties. Such a feature gives the system unbeatable flexibility and functionality. Moreover, it is a luxury shower combo that delivers more than what it offers.

    Up to 7 Settings

    You can achieve anything that you want with the product, thanks to the variable setting options. Notable setting variations include pulsating massage, power rain, hydro mist, rain mist, eco rain, massage rain, and an array of water-saving pause modes. These options give you an incredible luxury experience.

    5-Foot Flexible Hose

    A dual shower combo with both handheld and fixed options isn’t a good buy if it doesn’t come with a long hose. Interestingly, the DreamSpa 1432 Rainfall Shower Head comes with a hose that’s 5 feet long. 

    The hose gives you the convenience to achieve other functions such as rinsing out shampoo, cleaning the shaving scream, and washing pets, among other activities that require a handheld shower. Besides, the hose features stainless steel construction, hence incredibly durable.

    Easy to Adjust

    Most people consider a showerhead that features several setting options a complicated fixture that may prove too problematic to use. Unlike what you may expect, the fixture features a 3-way lever that makes it pretty easy to use. 


    • You can effortlessly connect it to any type of arm in minutes.
    • The stainless steel hose is durable and resistant to cracking.
    • Up to 7 settings ensure that you get the most from the product.
    • It features a variety of high-end fixtures despite the moderate price tag.
    • The 3-way lever dial makes it easy to use and adjust.


    • The quality of this item doesn’t look so high. However, the manufacturer gives you an incredible warranty on the unit.


    Question: Is there a difference between wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted showerheads?

    Answer: Yes. The differences between wall-mounted and ceiling mounted shower head models lie in their installation, sizes, and functional spraying properties. Firstly, wall mounted shower heads anchor to wall mounted shower arms while ceiling mounted options anchor to shower arms mounted on the ceiling. 
    Ceiling mounted options are larger and deliver rain-style water sprays. They are pretty amazing for people who want high showers. However, they offer nearly no options for different stream settings since they are often placed high on the ceiling.

    Question: My showerhead doesn’t look damaged but doesn’t produce a consistent stream of water. Want could be the problem?

    Answer: When this happens, there are often chances that your shower head is not broken. Instead, it could be that there is an accumulation of hard water deposits in the shower. You can correctly get rid of these by cleaning up the showerhead.

    Question: How do I clean up my shower head?

    Answer: Cleaning up your shower head as a general routine is very important. It helps to get rid of hard water deposits and is not a complicated process. Use a brush to scrub off the entire piece. You can then rinse the system with a water solution of vinegar or any mild chemical cleaner.

    Question: Is it difficult to replace my shower head?

    Answer: Installing a new shower head is pretty straightforward and generally a DIY activity. It involves the following procedure;
    • Unpack the new model and ensure that it is in good shape.
    • Unscrew the old shower head from the shower arm.
    • Remove any old Teflon tape on the threads and gently clean off the threads using a soft washcloth. 
    • Cover the threads on the shower arm lightly with a Teflon tape.
    • Screw the new head discreetly on the shower arm.
    • Open the water valve and adjust the showerhead as you desire.

    Final Words

    Showerheads come in different designs and styles. And while the design of a showerhead remains one of the factors you’d want to consider when shopping for the best shower heads, an ideal shower head boils down to its functionality and effectiveness.

    But since the effectiveness or satisfactory levels of a shower head is generally subjective, with each person having their priorities and differences, we strived to make this article as informative and impartial as possible. So, we included everything that you need to know about showerheads.

    We also included reviews of the top 6 models from which you can make an incredible chance. All the models are comparatively durable, functional, and practical. However, we think that the DreamSpa 1432 Rainfall Shower Head takes the top spot. It is affordable, versatile with up to 7 different settings, and easy to install. Whichever model you decide to buy, we wish you a luxurious shower each day!

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