How to Find the Best Sink Garbage Disposal

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    You need the best sink garbage disposal unit to crash food wastes into smaller particles for easy flow in the drain pipes. It is not a secret that the lack of using garbage disposal units may enhance the risk of clogging in the home’s plumbing system or somewhat complicate matters in the municipal sewage system. 

    The role of a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen is to break down food discards and other smelly leftovers and ensure your kitchen remains clean. Most importantly, a food waste disposer grinds up food wastes leading to enormous potentials in renewable energy. 

    In this write-up, we will be analyzing several garbage disposal units and enhance your capacity to select a suitable choice. Let’s dig in: 

    Factors to Consider Before Buying a Garbage Disposal 

    Sink Garbage Disposal

    Your kitchen sink requires free-flowing scraps to prevent clogging. The most overwhelming factor before landing correct garbage disposal is picking a suitable one from the saturated market.

    Since the demand for such products is high, different manufacturers produced several models with unique features. Gauge them on the following aspects: 

    Types of Garbage Disposals 

    Garbage disposal has a motor and a grinding chamber fitted with sharp blades that spin at a considerable speed as you turn it on. The grinding chamber’s bottom has a perforation to enable broken food wastes to flow via a drain pipe easily. All the disposals can be either batch-feed or continuous-feed as discussed below:


    Such a type of device operates as you turn it on while putting food wastes gradually. Continuous feed disposals are standard in the market with different prices depending on power and quality. 

    One critical downside about continuous feed disposals is there is a risk of your hands getting into the grinder as they run leading to injuries. 


    This is a safer option that grinds food wastes in small batches. It is a convenient option for families with high children activities. There should be a stopper before one starts to operate it. Convenient safety features make such a product to attract high pricing. 

    By installing such a feed model, you can only run a single load of food waste at a time. Every model has a unique grinding chamber size. Typically, some models can grind two to four cups of food wastes at a time. 

    Power Options

    If a garbage disposal is powerful, it crushes food wastes more efficiently. Every power that the motor generates has a rating in Horsepower (HP) as indicated in the following examples: 

    • 1/3 Horsepower: Such models are the most economical options. However, they tend to clog when crashing fibrous food wastes like carrots and celery. Such is an alternative for you if you do not use it frequently. It is not favorable for soft foods. 
    • ½ Horsepower: It is a convenient option for mid-size households as it grinds most of the food wastes. Ensure that you do not overstuff it to prevent jamming.
    • ¾ Horsepower: It is a powerful grinder that chews away fibrous food wastes without a glitch. Such a grinder is ideal for large families that have more food wastes to dispose of. 
    • 1 to 2 Horsepower: Any motor for such a rating is powerful to grind nearly all food wastes including bones and watermelon rinds. 

    Noise Factor 

    The current models have a quieter design courtesy of sound deadening insulations. Furthermore, the right device must have a padded mount to lower vibration. It is noteworthy that lowly priced devices have a reasonably loud sound while high-end disposals can be extremely quiet. 

    Unit Size

    If garbage disposal has a large motor, then it increases the unit size. Every brand has a unique sizing. For example, a small 1/3 HP disposal can range from 6-7 inches in diameter and 9 to 12 inches in height.

    Size becomes a crucial factor when you have limited space underneath the kitchen sink. A large garbage disposal may not fit into a unit with a water filtering system. If you are shopping online, measure your underneath sink space and compare it with the unit size. 


    Grinding blades can jam if one packs much food into the disposal. If found in such a scenario, switch it off and remove all stuck food manually. You can now press the reset button to fix the problem. 

    Remarkably, newer models have an anti-jamming feature that detects a jam and reverses the blades automatically. 

    Direct Wired Vs. Plug-In

    Most Garbage disposal devices lack power cords for plugging into the power outlet. One can only wire them into the electrical system directly. A few models have plugs and cords for connecting into outlets underneath your sink. 

    The cool thing is one can still convert those garbage disposals that lack attached plugs to plug-in models. One must purchase plug-in cords separately. Connecting any plug into a non-plug-in unit is rather easy. If you lack experience, then consult an instructional manual that comes with a disposal kit.

    6 Best Garbage Disposal 

    Do you need a post-meal clean-up to reduce the amount of leftover food in your trashcan? Well, you need the right garbage disposal unit to give you a better service to improve your kitchen hygiene. The suitable device should grind both hard food wastes like beef bones and fibrous wastes without a challenge. Here are available options that can be resourceful to you. 

    InSinkErator XTR

    InSinkErator XTR

    InSinkErator XTR happens to be an upgraded version of InSinkErator Evolution Compact as the designer made some minor alterations to the housing. InSinkErator XTR is sturdy and robust, making it suitable for garbage disposal at home. 

    This machine can serve 4-6 person households while tackling tougher foods like beef bones. Among its upgrades is the use of sound seal technology for quieter performance. Any user enjoys its operations without causing a disturbance. 

    The package includes a durable Dura-Drive Induction Motor to supply its energy needs effectively. Furthermore, this product prides itself on a 2-Stage multi-grid technology that can handle the most rigid food scraps by breaking them down repeatedly.  

    One notable feature worth mentioning is the use of durable materials for designing it. The product features alloy stainless steel components plus a leak-guard liner to enhance durability. For kitchen innovation, this equipment comes with a power cord and a Satin Nickel air switch. 

    InSinkErator is a convenient machine to use in your kitchen environment. It is a fast device to operate from meal preparation to clean up hence useful to maintain cleanliness in a working area. 

    Installing this garbage disposal equipment is a breeze thanks to Quick-Lock mount technology. Such technology makes the replacement of this product with other models fast and easy. The procedure involves only twisting off the old model and twist in the new one.  

    However, among its downsides is that it has a 1750 RPM which may not be the best in the market. That aside, this product commands reasonable prices plus a 6-year warranty. 


    • The use of sound seal technology give it a safe decibel level as it is tranquil
    • 2-stage multi grind technology crashes the toughest food scraps like beef bones
    • Durable stainless steel components with a leak-guard liner 
    • A strong and robust motor that provides sufficient power 
    • Easy swap installation since it is compatible with different models 


    • It is pricey than similar models

    Waste King Garbage Disposal

    Waste King Garbage Disposal

    Waste King Garbage disposal device is a great device that is best for value. It features a single permanent magnet motor and a turn plate that spins at 2800 RPM to perform tough grinding tasks from vegetables to beef bones. 

    The good thing about permanent motors is they are less noisy than other regular induction motors. Furthermore, they have the potential to achieve maximum speed within a short period for impressive grinding. Additionally, they lower the risk of jamming. 

    Waste King is highly durable featuring stainless steel components that can shred the toughest food wastes. Moreover, it has either polymer or plastic housing which makes it corrosion-resistant and lightweight. Again, any user enjoys easy installation due to the use of the Easy Mount system to facilitate a quick process. Furthermore, the cleaning process is easy due to the presence of a removable splash guard. 

    One unique feature of this equipment is continuous feed disposal. One can activate the process by a wall switch. Also, it has a sleek design which makes it compact to save space and provide additional storage space. 

    Safety rang in the mind of the manufacturer while constructing this machine. The device has a manual reset button. You can press it to shut-off in case it encounters a rare jam or unexpected overload. You can revert to a running status as you press this manual reset button. 

    Notably, its major downside is the polymer casing may have unforgiving physical damage to what it protects. 

    Lastly, one can use it safely with a properly-sized septic tank. The use of sound shield technology ensures sound-deadening insulation to reduce the noise level. Typically, it is a perfect choice for an eight people household. Attached is a 20-year limited warranty. 


    • It has a sleek and compact design to save space and offer additional storage space 
    • A high-speed motor that is energy-efficient to tackle all food scraps
    • Durable stainless steel components that withstand rough handling
    • The easy-mount system is easy to install
    • A 20-year limited warranty


    • Its exterior lacks an unjam option

    Moen GXS75C Garbage Disposal

    Moen GXS75C Garbage Disposal

    Moen GXS75C is among the leading equipment in the kitchen disposal scene. It can reduce all wastes sent to a landfill to make it environmentally sound. It is a perfect choice for a 4-8 household.

    This garbage disposal equipment has durable stainless steel grind components to serve one extensively. As such, it can crash all food wastes, including tough chicken bones into smaller pieces for convenient damping. 

    The user encounters a simple installation process thanks to Express Mount technology that makes it compatible with several models. Precisely, it can fit in several existing three-bolt mounting assemblies. 

    Moen comes with a decent noise level hence safe to use within the kitchen closet. The design enriched it with SoundShield technology which offers sound deadening insulation for quieter performance. 

    Another exciting characteristic of Moen Garbage Disposal equipment is a lightweight and compact design. The arrangement improves the process of installation. Furthermore, it frees up valuable space underneath the sink.

    More so, Moen Garbage Disposal uses a 2700RPM motor which is powerful enough for great grinding. The permanent magnetic motor has a unique mechanism to reduce jamming. There is a removable splash guard to enhance a fast clean-up process.  

    This garbage disposal machine comes with a pre-installed power cord. Such a design offers savings over different models that one must buy the cord separately. One can use this device with properly-sized- septic tanks.  

    Typically, this equipment is suitable for persons who frequently cook for guests and require advanced clean up power. It is a sustainable machine that enjoys a 10-year warranty. 


    • Moen has a powerful motor that offers great grinding power to crash hard wastes.
    • SoundShield sound-deadening insulation maintains safe noise levels
    • The use of Xpress mount technology enhances easy installation
    • Durable stainless steel components make it cost-effective 
    • Fair pricing and a 10-year limited warranty


    • The countertop vibrates to add to the sound 

    InSinkErator Evolution 3/4 HP

    InSinkErator Evolution Compact

    Every household that has septic tanks should be under proper maintenance to control the garbage that goes via drain pipes such as oil, the grease of fats. The excellent news is InSinkErator Evolution comes in handy to serve such a purpose. 

    This device works well thanks to a bio-charge which is an automatic injection of microorganisms (enzymes) that assist in breaking down food wastes. That alone qualifies this device to be environmentally friendly. 

    One will not encounter noise distraction which can be a health hazard. InSinkErator has an advanced noise lowering Sound seal technology to maintain safe sound levels. More importantly, the user cannot interfere with the peace of other members in the next rooms. 

    InSinkErator Evolution uses a ¾ HP Drive induction motor that is powerful enough to grind all food wastes into tiny particles. It can tackle all fibrous food and bones due to the use of multigrid mechanisms to break up garbage and prevent clogging. Generally, this food waste disposal is ideal for a four people household.

    The user encounters an easy swap installation courtesy of a patented Quick-Lock mount. Such technology makes it to remain compatible with most of the InSinkErator models. It involves twisting the old model and twisting the new one. 

    Durability is a critical aspect that makes the right product for convenient use. The devices’ components come from durable stainless steel alloys with a leak-guider. This product has advanced options to enhance fast clean-up. Finally, there is an 8-year limited warranty. 


    • It injects enzymes to assist in breaking down food particles 
    • Sound seal technology assists in noise reduction
    • Quick Lock mount technology enhances easy installation
    • Multigrind technology to ensure fewer clogs and fewer jams
    • Durable stainless steel components and a leak-guider liner


    • The device is not compact enough

    InSinkErator Badger 5

    insinkerator garbage disposal with cord

    InSinkErator Badger 5 is a perfect waste disposal equipment for families that has few members and does not cook frequently.  Longevity sets aside this device from the rest. It has sustainable galvanized steel components for a dependable grinding of food scraps

    It is powered by a unique ½ Dura-Drive induction motor, which is efficient and precise. When subjected to proper care, it can function for several years. Since it breaks down food wastes into landfills, one can use the debris as fertilizer.

    The machine has an easy swap installation process which can be a DIY task. The design empowered it with a Quick-Lock Mount to enhance the flexibility aspect. For a record, it is compatible with different models hence simplifying the setup process. 

    Another useful feature about InSinkErator is the compact structure which is excellent in space-saving. As such, it can fit the existing hardware quickly making it a standard waste disposer unit in the market.

    This waste food disposer equipment has fast cleaning options to keep your kitchen clean. More importantly, this device has reliable noise deadening insulation to promote the right noise level that is not distractive. 

    Jamming is out of the question as the machine grinds vegetables and eggs. However, it is not fit to break down bones. Safety is what this device promotes as one must ground it to lower the risk of electric shock, suppose it breaks down or malfunctions.  

    Reasonable pricing makes it attractive while a 2-year warranty keeps it at check-in in case of defects or repairs within the stipulated period. 


    • The device has some mechanisms to unjam from an underside
    • Durable galvanized steel components for a dependable grinding
    • Powerful motor to crash food wastes to prevent clogging
    • Compact structure to fit in the existing hardware easily
    • Sound deadening insulation to maintain a safe sound level


    • A short warranty period

    InSinkErator Evolution Compact

    insinkerator compactcord evolution

    InSinkErator Evolution Compact is among the quietest devices in the market. With a sound seal technology, it promotes an advanced noise-reducing function. For that matter, it is an environmentally-friendly option that keeps your kitchen environment noise-free. 

    This device boasts of a durable 1HP Dura-Drive Induction motor which provides sufficient energy for impressive grinding. Also, it has durable stainless steel alloy components with a leak-guard liner.

    Another useful feature is a 3-stage multi-grind technology that can tackle the most rigid food scraps such as beef bones. The device can crash the food wastes into smaller items to prevent clogging and jams.

    The presence of an anti-vibration mount makes it safe to use. Additionally, there is an auto -shut off feature that stops its operations as it senses jams. It has a dishwasher connection for convenient cleaning. 

    Multigrind technology improves the performance of this device. It assists in breaking down food scraps into smaller particles for convenient disposal.

    Installation of this garbage disposal equipment is a breeze. The designer used Quick lock technology which makes it compatible with different models that range from standard to premium.  

    The good news is this food waste disposal unit is affordable. More importantly, the buyer gets a five-year limited warranty. 


    • Sound seal technology ensures decent sound production
    • A powerful motor that grinds hard food scraps into smaller parts
    • Long-lasting stainless steel components and a leak-guard liner
    • 3 stage multigrid for better grinding performance 
    • Reasonable prices and a decent 5-year warranty


    • It cannot tackle sold waste properly


    Question: Can any garbage disposal unit fit into any sink? 

    Answer: One can install a garbage disposal in a kitchen sink or a double sink. However, the process of installing disposals on a single sink is a relatively simpler task. Ensure that you get the right measurement for it to fit in underneath the sink perfectly. 

    Question: How can one clean the sink drains by using a garbage disposal? 

    Answer: Begin by lifting the rubber flaps. Empty a cup of baking soda into a garbage disposal drain. Fill the whole drain until it becomes difficult to add more baking soda. Take a half-cup of vinegar and pour it down into the drain. Vinegar is a deodorizer and a natural bacteria killer. 

    Question: Can garbage disposal break down banana peels? 

    Answer: It is convenient to put banana peels or citrus and apple peels into the garbage disposal. Remember to remove any stickers before the process. Stickers can stick on the blades or in the interior of the pipes. 

    Question: Do I require a plumber to install my garbage disposal unit? 

    Yes. It is reasonable to use a plumber to avoid many errors. Remember, a replacement can be a DIY task if you follow manual instructions correctly. 

    In Summary

    Garbage disposals are sure ways of eliminating kitchen wastes and maintaining a high level of hygiene. Whether you have been looking for a replacement or a first-ever- disposal unit, we believe you want the best option. 

    The best way to find the best sink garbage disposal to fit your needs is to choose the type you need, compare the specs of each product, and consider the cost of purchase and installation.

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