Kohler k-560-vs Review: Everything You Need to Know

When we talk of kitchen remodeling, many people think of the obvious oversized items usually found: cabinets, appliances, and countertops. And we forget that the small objects are the ones to either break or make your renovation. The Kohler-k-560-vs review, is for all those who have a decent budget but don’t plan on tearing the whole kitchen down.

It has a sleek look and innovative feature that combines elegance, versatile design with unique ergonomic, and functionality to make your kitchen look complete. Supposing, this is why the latter is widespread, and most probably, you want to know more about it.

Now, relax and take a breath because, in this particular review, I will be telling you everything about the product leaving no stone unturned.

It is always essential to take your time when buying a faucet for your kitchen and any other product.  A perfect choice still becomes such a wonderful compliment to the work itself and other things around it.

You are wondering if the Kohler-k-560-vs would be perfect for you. You are right. Kohler-k-560-vs is a kitchen faucet that is the best in the market and, for your point, a second to none faucet. It comes with several features but just before that, let’s discuss what we should consider when buying Kohler-k-560-vs.

Kohler-k-560-vs Review: How to Select the One

kohler faucet

Choosing the right kitchen faucet can be such a daunting task but, at the same time, a worthwhile investment activity when you consider what would be the results of having the wrong choice. Such scenarios call for you to put the following into consideration.

1. Warranty

 The very first thing to consider before you buy Kohler-k-560-vs is whether it has a warrant or not. It is essential to you as the buyer because if anything negative happens to the product within the warranty period, the manufacturer most probably replaces it. With Kohler-k-560-vs, you get a lifetime warranty.

2. Durability

 It’s never a wish for anyone to buy a product, and then the following day, you are all over trying to replace it after it has failed. This is not the case with Kohler Company, particularly with Kohler-k-560-vs. It is a faucet which has attracted millions of buyers following its higher-quality features and durability while serving better. The material used to make the Kohler-k-560-vs is brass and metal. This kind of material gives an assurance of the durability and longevity of the product.

3. Spouting style

 You will realize that the Kohler-k-560-vs kitchen faucet comes with different spouting styles. And now you will have to either get the regular or the two model, stationary or revolving, low arc or higher arc models. 

4. Finish

The material used to make Kohler –k-560-vs never received any hostile critics since day one. If You need to make your kitchen look elegant, consider the finish material because it affects the appearance, ability to clean, spot resistance, and even price.  Whatever the finish material, it affects the faucet. 

5. Flow rate

How you want and what percentage of water flow you need will influence the faucet you need.  Kohler-k-560-vs faucet comes with adjustable water pressure, giving you the flow rate to perform different duties. E.g., pots and vegetable washing will need stream flow while scrubbing off dishes would require a spray.

6. Valve control mechanism

 Kohler-k-560-vs faucet comes with different valve controls used to turn it on or off or adjust the water temperatures. If you are comfortable using a single handle to control flow and temperature, go for a single handle design and double handles if you want a different thing for temperature and flow. Depending on the power available, touch and activated systems are the most preferred.

7. What are the requirements for installation?

Before you get your Kohler-k-560-vs faucet, consider the requirement like the number of holes your sink has and the gaps that the Kohler-k-560-vs faucet needs. You will avoid inconveniences related to a struggle to create other fixes that would be hard, if not impossible.

8. Kohler-k-560-vs Arca and spout height

When you want to have a stress-free moment in your sink, either fetching some water or washing utensils, you can count the Kohler-k-560-vs faucet due to its height.Kohler-k-560-vs faucet is a higher arch faucet that will create plenty of clearance in your sink. With such a higher height faucet, you will not need to maneuver pots and utensils while washing. 

Kohler-k-560-vs Review

kohler k-560

Kohler, the manufacturer of the Kohler-k-560-vs faucet, is always financially sensitive when it comes to production. Kohler-k-560-vs faucet is designed with a word-class single lever design but its quality is on another level.

Despite the quality and outstanding design, the product is still selling at a pocket-friendly price. Besides, it will not tie you with just one hole design. It has given you one to three-hole installation options to suit different sink setups. A privilege that’s not familiar with other faucet models.

Kohler-k-560-vs faucet gives a bigger room for washing through the high arch spout and a 360 degrees rotation around the sink. It will save you the hassle of maneuvering your utensils while washing and offer you enough space for clearance.

It also comes with a valve control handle responsible for regulating and switching on or off of temperature and power, respectively. The valves are ceramic made that exceeds the industry standards for lasting longer and performance made to last for life.

 It has a three function spray head that is used in streaming, boosting, and comprehensive technologies. With boosting, you can increase the water flow rate by 30%. Simultaneously, with sweep spray, is an angled nozzle you can use to create a powerful blade for cleaning your dishes and sinks. 

With the faucet, you have the pull handle to control water using one hand while the other is reaching beyond the sink to other kitchen-related tasks. Moreover, the nozzle also prevents minerals in water from accumulating, and you can remove it with a swipe of your figure. 

The finishing of the Kohler-k-560-vs faucet is excellent because of its resistance to corrosion and tarnish. With the Kohler-k-560-vs tap, you get a lifetime warranty leaving you full of confidence and trust in Kohler products.

The Kohler-k-560-vs faucet has a different design with different colors that offers you a chance to choose the color that would match and complement other kitchen features. The selection you can have includes stainless, polished chrome finish and oil rubbed bronze that is durable and long-lasting.

 You can also keep the wand retracted in a position using the magnetic docking system featured by the spout. It firmly locks it into place and sees to it that it does not keep dropping over time. 

The faucet also comes with a 19.5 inches hose that you can extend with a different looping and a rubber button and metal components built to stand the test of time. Kohler-k-560-vs also has a 1.8 GPM flow rate of water. When you buy, you get a manual to help you understand how to install the latter, although it leaves out many other vital details. However, an updated manual can always be found and downloaded online.

What Are the Features Of Kohler-k-560-vs?

  • A finish with a beautiful, vibrant, and stainless steel making it produce out glimmering shine
  • A maximum flow rate of 1.5 GPM that is approximately5.7 pm at 60 psi
  • A quiet braided hose, the light of the promotion technology, and swiveling ball joint that makes the pull-down spray head easier and comfortable to use
  • Comes with a boost technology that increases the flow rate by just pressing the button
  • Docknetik magnetic system for docking that securely locks the spray head when it is not in use.
  • High height arc spout offering a superior clearance space for fetching and utensils cleaning
  • Master clean spray face that features an easy to clean surface that prevents accumulation and build-up of minerals
  • Relatively small weight of 7.63 pounds and small dimensions of 28.8*12*2 inches that takes less of your kitchen space
  • Single handle that is simple to use and making water temperature adjustment easy
  • Sweep spray that creates a complete and forceful water blade for superior cleaning 
  • Temperature memory that allows one to turn on or off the temperature set during and before using
  • Three functions pull-down spray head with touch control that allows you to switch sweep, spray, Sweep spray, or boot technology.
  • Valves are made of ceramic that exceeds the industry standard by lasting long while performing for a lifetime.


  • 1.5 GPM water flow
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Constructed with a premium metal that lasts long 
  • Corrosion and tarnish resistance finish
  • Durable ceramic made valves.
  • Ergonomic single handle design
  • High height gooseneck offering superior clearance in the sink
  • Promotion technology that makes spray head easier to maneuver in all possible directions
  • Pull-down spray head offering three functions. 
  • Solid spout and stem that rarely create problems after extended usage
  • The simple installation process complies with the ADA.


  • Calls for plumbers putty for installation into the three-hole sink 
  • May cause some splashes if used in the too deep or shallow sink.
  • May develop a leak on the hose right above the faucet head, but with a lifetime warranty, the manufacturer replaces it immediately.
  • Plastic between the head and the hose may turn loose after a short time.
  • Relatively short hose of 19.5.”
  • Water pressure may decrease after one and a half years of use.

What is the best comparison to Kohler-k-560-vs?

kohler k-560 kitchen faucet

Kohler-k-506-vs’s competitor is FLG deck mount solid pull sprayer swivel faucet. It is relatively cheaper than Kohler, but it should never bother you as most features are of low quality. 

One of the areas where it fails is on its finish. It is not good with unreliable parts though it is easier to install and comes with explicit instruction on the manual, unlike Kohler. According to the above facts, it is recommendable to prefer the Kohler-k-560-vs faucet because of its outstanding quality features and general design.

Expert Thought

Kohler-k-560-vs is such a durable faucet, and you need to have it like just now. The kind of features found in the kitchen faucet is considerably unique. Despite the number and unique features, Kohler can still afford to sell it at a relatively low price. 

However, in my opinion, the price is just the right for customers who would like to have a decent looking kitchen equipped with a fantastic faucet.

Mark you, the manufacturer’s features in this particular product are only found in more advanced faucets that are way more expensive. But with Kohler, they wanted their customers to feel what they can offer for such pricier models. There are problems with the manuals, but this is a problem overcome once you get used to the faucet. 

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Question: Is Kohler the right faucet?

Answer: Yes, Kohler is definitely the right faucet for your kitchen. Kohler makes its faucet in the USA, which is a significantly more preferred source of such products that are made locally. When you consider the material, they use brass and metal to make faucets, a feature that assures the product’s durability. 

Question: Are Kohler faucets better than Moen?

Answer: Yes, Kohler faucets are better than Moen. Moen makes stylish finishes and designs out there, and this is a huge plus. However, Kohler remains the most preferred brand following the client-customer built relations in terms of quality and reliability over the years.

Question: How do you take apart a Kohler kitchen faucet?

Answer: Look under the sink or cabinet, depending on your faucet’s location; reach out for the central water control. Make sure you turn the main water handle at least half a turn towards the left side to turn off. Turn the faucet into the “up” position and then insert the key into the hole shaped like a star and turn it clockwise till the faucet is loose.

Question: Do Kohler faucets have a lifetime warranty? 

Answer: Yes, Kohler faucets are subjected to life warranty but with the faucets manufactured from 1st January 1997. They were made to be leak and drip-free in residential use provided the initial consumer buyer owns the home.

Question: How do I remove the aerator from my Kohler faucet?

Answer: First, you need to locate the set screw securing it, mostly placed at the back of the faucet spout past the point where the tap is curving downwards. Then using a hex wrench, remove the screw. Hold the grid in the middle of the screen breakers on the aerator using the needle nose pliers and pull out the aerator.


Kohler Company has been in existence for over a hundred years. Kohler-k-560-vs has been used in the kitchen with many people preferring them for unique designs and several features that are both catchy and appealing.

They have been making outstanding and heart-touching faucets with some excellent features. The most current faucet design comes with features like sweep spray, Docknetik, and many more.

A faucet with such features tells you why Kohler company faucets get a considerable number of positive customer reviews in the market. I hope you have found all you wanted to know about the Kohler-k-560-vs faucet, and you have already made your mind to mind the item. You will not be disappointed in any way as the product meets the industry stands in terms of quality, durability, and water-saving.

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