Liberty Ascent II vs Saniflo: Which is Best?

If you are considering purchasing an upflush toilet for your basement or a room within your old home, this is the right place for you. You can’t be short of choices since there are several brands and models out there. However, Liberty Ascent ii vs. Saniflo remains one of the biggest debates. But which brand is worth your time and money?

The two brands remain some of the most reliable options that you can find in the market. And while either of them is viable, your choice could be a hit or a miss depending on your definite needs. We bring this debate to an end with this detailed discussion.

But firstly, the most outstanding objective of investing in a macerating toilet is that they come in handy in creating bathrooms in rooms without any plumbing systems.

These models are comparatively cheaper since you won’t need to rip up your tiling or floorboards to fix drainage pipes. Moreover, they don’t require gravitational forces like ordinary models and will work well when you need toilet waste pumped upwards, like in basement situations or sideways.

Main Differences Between Liberty Ascent ii vs Saniflo

The main differences between Liberty Ascent ii vs Saniflo are:

  • Liberty Ascent ii features a European or Asian origin, whereas all Saniflo models are made here in the States.
  • Liberty Ascent ii has a higher vertical discharge of up to 25 feet, whereas the strongest Saniflo model has a vertical discharge of up to 18 feet.
  • Liberty Ascent ii features a longer warranty of up to 3 years for both the toilet and pump, whereas Saniflo products feature warranties of 2 years and one year for the pump and toilet, respectively.
  • Liberty Ascent ii runs on 1.9v replaceable batteries, whereas Saniflo products run on electricity.

Liberty Ascent ii Review

Liberty Ascent ii

Irrespective of how you look at it, the Liberty Pumps Ascent ii is undoubtedly one of the best upflush toilets you can consider. It remains one of the best options for the upward and vertical pumping of wastes. Thus, you can use this toilet system in basement situations and rooms without plumbing and piping systems.

And like any other macerating toilet system, it is a cheaper method of remodeling bathrooms in rooms where there was previously none. You do not need to break your floor to fix a drainage system; neither do you need to spend any resources in hiring a plumber or technician.

The Liberty Ascent ii is relatively compact and ideal for both small and large rooms. But more importantly, the macerating toilet features an incredible balance between functionality, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance.

Let’s look at some of its outstanding features!

RazorCut Technology

The unique RazorCut technology that the Liberty Pumps Ascent ii uses in its maceration system is pretty powerful. The technology ensures fast and complete technology by grinding and blending human waste, latex, and paper waste into a semiliquid state for easy flushing. It is one of the most advanced technologies that you will find in upflush toilet systems.

WaterSense Certification

Another interesting feature of the system is the WaterSense certification. This accreditation ensures you end up using less water as compared to other maceration toilets. And who doesn’t want to save on water? The toilet uses a meager 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is considerably lower than most models.

ADA Compliant

Talk about comfort, and the Liberty Access ii delivers it as you’d want. It features an elongated seat height of up to 20 inches, making it pretty comfortable to use. Both adults and children will, therefore, find this upflush toilet very comfortable.

Runs On Batteries

Interestingly, Liberty Access ii stands out because it uses batteries. Such a feature ensures that you conveniently save on power bills. The feature is also essential because it allows for using this product in all environments, including those off the grid. Moreover, 1.9V batteries power the product continuously for up to 3.5 hours. 


  • It uses batteries, hence will save you some money on power bills.
  • RazorCut technology ensures fast and complete waste maceration.
  • It features an elongated toilet seat for maximum comfort.
  • The system guarantees sufficient pressure for proper flushing and cleaning.


  • You need to stock batteries so that it doesn’t fail you when the battery runs out.

Saniflo Review

Saniflo SaniPLUS

Just like the Liberty Pumps, another famous manufacturer of plumbing or toilet fixtures is Saniflo. And when it comes to manufacturing upflush toilets, the company is an indisputable leader. It takes pride in a long list of amazing products. Therefore, prospective buyers interested in purchasing macerating toilets from Saniflo have a variety of options to choose from.

Among the options, you can look out for include the ultracompact Saniflo Sanicompact, the powerful Saniflo SaniAccess3, the versatile Saniflo SaniPlus, and the bestselling Saniflo SaniBest. The illustrious list of products also includes the Saniflo SaniTop and the Saniflo SaniAccess2, among others.

But what makes the products stand out?


One of the reasons you will most likely go the Saniflo way is that the products come with unbeatable power. The Saniflo SaniBest is a 1HP product, while the rest of the models feature 1/2HP ratings.

The rating is pretty sufficient to provide the required maceration and pumping of wastes to the designated drainage point. But despite being impressively powerful, these products feature remarkable power-saving capabilities.

Easy to Install

Also worth mentioning is that all Saniflo upflush toile models are very easy to install and use. You will find them pretty easy to mount on the floor. Besides, you do not need to interfere with your flooring or tiling since you don’t need to do any piping or plumbing as you’d do with ordinary toilet models. Such a feature saves you a lot of money and time.

Multiple Connections

Just like most advanced upflush toilet models, Saniflo toilets allow multiple connections. Thus, you can easily connect them to a bathroom sink, shower, and toilet all at once. The multiple inlets ensure that you will collect nearly every bathroom waste from your basement or remodeled bathroom and direct them to the right drainage.


Saniflo toilets are pretty durable and, undoubtedly, we all want products that can stand the test of time. They are manufactured from high-quality, sturdy materials to ensure that they can withstand corrosion.


  • You have a variety of options to choose from.
  • They are easy to install and clean.
  • Most models will reliably save you water and power.
  • They come in various sizes and designs.
  • Saniflo toilet models are corrosion and wear-resistant.


  • Some models are too short to be comfortable.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Upflush Toilet Systems

small bathroom

The choice between Liberty Access ii and Saniflo toilets will depend on what you consider more important when shopping for the best upflush toilet. Among the factors that you should look out for include;

Water Consumption 

The world is getting more environmentally conscious, and how we use water has now become one of the environmental considerations. But even if we leave environmental issues out of this, we don’t want to pay absurd water bills.

Therefore, it is important to consider models that do not use a lot of water per flush or gallons per minute. Such options are both suitable for a sustainable environment as well as reduced bills.

Battery or Electricity 

Many models use electric power. However, some models use batteries for maceration and pumping purposes. While the ideal choice will depend on your preferences, you need to understand that both models come with their respective merits and demerits.

For example, battery-powered models are perfect options for homes or rooms that do not have a connection to the grid but may prove inconvenient if you can’t stock replacement batteries.

Vertical and Horizontal Discharge 

Since macerating toilets are designed to work against gravity, it is always important to consider both the discharge distances of the model you intend to purchase.

This factor will also be dependent on where you intend to position your upflush toilets. If it will be in the basement, you will need to consider the vertical distance to the main drainage. Likewise, consider the horizontal distance to the main drainage point if you will install the toilet in a room in your home.


The comfort of a toilet- upflush or standard- depends on the bowl height. While toilets come with different bowl heights, ADA recommends an average of 20 inches for comfort. Thus, you may need to consider options with bowls that have a height of about 20 inches. But if you intend to use the toilet with kids, then you may as well consider shorter versions.

Complete or Incomplete Kit

When you go shopping for an upflush toilet, it is advisable to know beforehand whether you will need a toilet only or a toilet and a pump. Of course, while the prices will vary depending on the components that you’ll need. Other models also include a tank.


Question: When do I need a macerating toilet?

Answer: You need a macerating toilet if you want to add a new bathroom into your home. Alternatively, an upflush toilet comes in handy when you want to convert one of the rooms in the basement into a toilet.

Question: What are the benefits of installing upflush toilets?

Answer: Firstly, macerating toilets are cheaper for rooms that do not have any piping or plumbing systems. You don’t need to invest in any plumbing. Also, they come in handy for basement situations where ordinary toilet systems cannot work for lack of gravity.

Question: Are macerating toilets easy to install?

Answer: Yes. Macerating toilets are pretty easy to install. You can perfectly do the installation on your own.

Question: How can I install a macerating toilet?

Answer: The first step towards installing a macerating toilet is to unpack your new toilet and ensure that all parts are available. You will then need to connect all the universal toilet connections, which include the discharge pipe. The next universal connection is the tank, which you will need to connect to the water supply.

The third connection that you need to make is plugging the pump into the GFI outlet. And for models that require batteries, ensure that you install batteries.
Finally, you will need to create a vent for the macerator pump. Without the vent, your toilet is bound to produce a foul smell.

The Verdict

The debate about Saniflo vs. Liberty Access ii is a close one to call. Firstly, both companies are highly reputable and surpass industry standards. And while both share interesting features such as high performance, water-saving abilities, and ease of installation, we believe that Saniflo is a better pick.

Saniflo macerating toilets are reliable, durable, and help you cut down on power costs. Thus, if you intend to install a macerating toilet in your home, you can consider any of the Saniflo models.

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