Toto vs American Standard Toilets Compared

Toto vs American Standard Toilets Compared: Which Brand Is Better?

Toto toilet against American Standard toilet has for long been the bone of contention when customers look for a toilet system. Both are highly advanced modern toilets that appear the same on the surface, but if you dig deeper, you will find they have subtle differences, which is why we prepared these Toto vs American Standard toilets compared article. And that one brand may be superior to the other.

Toto toilets need no introduction. Chances are you have already had the name mentioned to you as soon as you mentioned the words smart toilet systems. The same goes for American Standard toilets.

Ideally, they’re the only brands you should consider as you scrap through the options of modern toilet designs. Both ensure that you will spend the least amount of time maintaining the toilet while guaranteeing every call of nature will be a blissful experience that you look forward to each day.

So, It’s time we addressed the burning curiosity. How does the Toto toilet stack up against the American Standard toilet in a head-to-head showdown? Make sure you stick around as we sift through all the relevant information that will determine the winner.

Main Differences Between Toto vs American Standard Toilets

The main differences between Toto vs American Standard toilets are:

  • Toto toilets are much more efficient at clearing waste from the toilets, whereas American Standard toilets prioritize a powerful flush
  • Toto toilet is designed and developed in Kitakyushu – Japan, whereas American Standard toilet is an American brand made in New Jersey
  • Toto toilets use the CeFiONtect finish to glaze the surface of the bowl, whereas American Standard toilets use EverClean finish to keep the bowl cleaner
  • Toto toilets consume a predetermined amount of water for each flush, whereas American Standard toilets allow the user to select the amount of flush water they want
  • Toto toilets have over six types of flushing systems, whereas American Standard toilets have only four

Toto Toilets Review


Toto is a brand of flushing toilets manufactured in the Japanese city of Kitakyushu. Since the parent company was founded in 1917, it has been producing some of the most advanced toilet design systems you can find on the market.

Toto is the patent holder of the washlet feature which lets the users clean themselves using an automatic water spray after using the toilet. Besides the awesome features, you have the assurance that quality materials have been utilized to make the product. This guarantees longevity with fewer worries about replacing the toilet after every few years.

As far as smart toilets are concerned, Toto is the ultimate trendsetter. Other manufacturers often try to mimic their design but never quite achieve the same level of success. Not many of the toilet brands available offer near-hand-free usage anytime a user has to answer the call of nature.

The design incorporated when developing the product sought to enhance the user experience every time someone had to visit the bathroom. Features like night lights, toilet seat heaters, and remote controls are all available to make the bathroom experience more bearable.

We will now expound more on the features we think make the Toto toilet an excellent product.



The Toto washlet is a little different from the variations offered by its competitors, as it contains a host of updated automatic aspects to make cleaning oneself a lot easier. It features a wand that extends from under the seat to spray warm water on your nether regions after using the toilet.

The water temperature is set to between 86 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit to make it a tolerable and soothing experience. To activate the washlet, you press a button on the remote control that’s easily accessible from your sitting position.

The wand has a self-cleaning function that cleans and sanitizes the entire nozzle.


This is a glaze patented by Toto that creates a barrier between the ceramic surface and debris. Because of the porous nature of ceramic surfaces, particulates get stuck on the surface. To remedy this, an ion-barrier is applied to create a smooth surface that prevents debris from sticking.

Seat Heater

Toto toilets are equipped with seat heaters to make them comfortable for the user. Toilet seats get cold when the weather is not favorable in times such as winter. A heater built into the seat will help get the temperature up and cozy for anyone who needs to use the toilet.

Self Flushing

Premium toilets like the Toto have features that pardon you from touching the toilet after use. With the self-flushing feature, the toilet uses sensors to ascertain when you’re done with a number 1 or a number 2 and then flushes the waste down the sewer line. Although it’s only found on the higher-spec units, it’s a desirable feature to prevent the spread of pathogens in your household.

Soft Close Lid

This feature uses special hinges to stop the lid from slamming when you close it. The hinge system is designed to resist the downward movement of the lid, allowing it to drop at a slow rate that barely makes any noise when it shuts. Members of a family will enjoy a quieter household because of this feature.


After the warm water spray has cleaned the rear intimate area, warm air is directed to dry the area. With this feature, you won’t need toilet paper because the warm jet of air will handle the business for you. The temperature can be adjusted to a setting that is most comfortable for the user.

Tornado Flushing

First introduced by Toto the tornado flush is an innovative and new method of flushing the toilet. Instead of letting the water trickle down like in ordinary toilets, the tornado flush creates a whirlpool effect by projecting three powerful jets of water from inside the rim. This method effectively rids the toilet bowl of any residue while minimizing the amount of water used.


  • No need to use a toilet paper
  • It has sensors that make it possible for it to self flush
  • Seats can be heated when it’s cold
  • Washlet has a nozzle that sprays warm water to improve hygiene
  • The toilet bowl is glazed to prevent particulates from sticking
  • It’s one of the most advanced toilets in the world
  • Uses a little amount of water for every flush


  • Not easy to install
  • It has no partial flush to save water
  • It’s challenging to plunge if it becomes blocked

Best Toto Toilets Products

Toto Toilets

Toto Drake II

This is a two-piece toilet equipped with double cyclone technology that is one the most powerful for toilets. The swirl produced by a single flush is enough to remove all the debris from the toilet bowl.

Despite the power generated by the flush, it uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This meets the standard set by the EPA for WaterSense certification and saves a lot of water in the long run.

Toto Ultramax II

If you want a one-piece toilet, this is one of the most popular Toto toilet choices you can select. It employs the tornado flush technology to use 1.28 gallons per flush, a figure that is approved by EPA for water efficiency.

Because this toilet is universal height, it can be used by the elderly, physically challenged persons, and tall persons. Also, it features the CeFioNtect glaze to improve sanitation and prevent the spread of bacteria.

American Standard Toilet Review

American Standard

American Standard Toilets are the go-to choice for customers who desire a toilet with advanced features but priced lower than toilet systems of the same ilk.

The company that manufactures the toilet has been in existence for over 140 years but it’s only much recently that they adopted the brand name American Standard Toilet.

They have developed a reputation for creating quality cloakroom products and as a result, are one of the most revered brands in the industry to this date.

A factor that cannot be overlooked with American Standard Toilets is they design some of the most aesthetically pleasing toilet units. The use of vanguard technology helps to minimize wastage of water through a feature called VorMax flushing.

It can also self-clean by using an in-built cleaning system that gets rids of any matter that’s stuck on the toilet bowl. A motion-activated sensor allows you to flush out the contents without touching the toilet unit.


EverClean Surface

The EverClean surface is a glaze that is applied on the surface of the toilet seat and bowl to discourage the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold on the surface. A mirror-smooth finish ensures all particles inside the toilet bowl slide away easily when the toilet is flushed. Also, because the seat is double-coated too, wiping the seat will clear most of the bacteria to minimize its spread. 

One-piece or Two-piece design

A one-piece toilet is usually smaller and a better fit for constricted spaces. With this design, the tank and the bowl are incorporated into one unit. The two-piece design has a separate tank and bowl therefore it’s normally considered for larger bathrooms.

ADA Compliant

American Standards Toilets are available with ADA compliance certification that makes them suitable for users with mobility issues. For a toilet to qualify, it must have a 17 to 19-inch seat height and a rough-in from the wall of about 12-inches.

ActiFresh Air Purifier

Getting rid of unpleasant odors from the toilet is not an easy task. Luckily, this toilet is available with a feature called ActiFresh that keeps odors away. A fan pulls air from within the bowl and runs it through a charcoal filter that captures odor particles. Fresh smelling air is then fed back into the room leaving the area free of any revolting odors. The ActiFresh system is activated by the user by pressing a button on the side of the tank. There are indicators to show when to replace the filter and if the battery that powers the system needs replacement.

Elongated or Round Bowl

Elongated toilet bowls are easier to use by elderly persons and those with mobility issues. Seats used for this type of bowls are comfortable and offer more support. The other option is a round bowl which is a good fit for smaller bathrooms while also safer for kids. You can choose the round bowl for the common bathroom and install the elongated version in the master bedroom.


LED motion sensors on the toilet enable you to flush the toilet without touching anything. A motion-activated sensor will pick up your intentions. Using the toilet without touching anything inhibits the transfer of germs from one person to another. This no-touch flush technology is a welcome feature for many users who prefer using a toilet that can automatically flush.


VorMax is a revolutionary technology that changes how dirt is removed from the toilet bowl while using the least amount of water. To meet the EPA’s WaterSense compliance, the American Standard Toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water for each flush. VorMax steps in to ensure the water used are maximized to carry with it any particulates left on the toilet bowl. As a result, VorMax is known to clean two times better than ordinary toilets while using much less water.


  • Toilet bowl and seat have been double-coated to ensure germs don’t build-up
  • Amount of water used to flush fall well under EPA guidelines
  • Some of the models are friendly to the elderly and those with mobility challenges
  • Replacement parts are readily available
  • Very easy to use 
  • The toilet lid has been designed to slowly cover the bowl without slamming shut
  • It has an air purifier system to eliminate odors
  • The warranty covers both the chinaware and mechanical parts


  • Technology is not as advanced as other smart toilets
  • With some models you have to purchase the toilet seat separately
  • The toilet doesn’t last as long as the manufacturer states

Best American Standard Toilet Products

American Standard Toilets

American Standard Champion – 4 Toilet

Few American Standard Toilets perform as well as the Champion – 4. The use of the word champion is appropriate for the kind of performance it puts forth when it’s compared with other similar one-piece toilets.

It’s designed with 4-inch piston action flush valves that force water into the bowl thrice as fast as conventional toilets. Despite the powerful force of the flush, the Champion – 4 is one of the quietest toilets and this fact is further reinforced by the slow-close feature of the lid that prevents a loud shut as you exit.

American Standard H20ption Dual Flush Toilet

H20ption from American Standard is a two-piece toilet with dual-flush technology that ensures all the waste is directed into the sewer while using the least amount of water possible. It does this by creating a siphoning effect that pulls all the waste along the water down the toilet.

This effect combined with another stream of water entering the bowl creates a dual flush system that makes sure all the matter goes down the sewer drain. An advantage of this toilet model is you can use different settings of the amount of flush water you want. 

Which Is Better Between Toto And American Standard Toilet

American Standard

Toto and American Standard Toilet are great choices for technology-laden toilet systems for modern society. Both offer similar features that help make the management of toilets for your home much easier.

Despite the similarities, some key factors set them apart and make one of the brands more desirable to many homeowners. 

The Toto toilet has an advanced cleaning feature known as Sanagloss that ensures microbes and bacteria do not build-up on the surface of the toilet. It appears to be more efficient than American Standards’ EverClean that performs the same function but not to the same degree of effectiveness.

The Flushing system is also a key point of contention for the two brands of toilets. American Standard is offered with the VorMax flushing system that is known to be one fastest at forcing water along with the waste down the sewer.

However, the company doesn’t have as many types of advanced flushing technologies as Toto who boast an array of systems that are unmatched in the industry.

One area where American Standard shines over Toto is the price. It is a more affordable option for a user who demands plenty of technological advancements for their home toilet. However, Toto has many more advantages and features that offer great value for money.

Despite the higher upfront cost, the Toto toilet is a trailblazer in smart home toilet systems, and if you get one, you’re assured of consistent high-performance and durability.


Question: How long do Toto and American Standard toilets last?

Answer: Toto toilets are known to last for up to 12 years in residential homes, but to ensure they last that long, routine maintenance has to be undertaken every year to keep the toilet in good working condition. If any of the toilets’ parts fail, it’s essential to seek a replacement immediately. Parts are widely available and it shouldn’t be a problem locating one.

Question: Do Toto and American Standard toilets clog easily?

Answer: Because both toilet models feature powerful flushing systems, getting clogged is a rare occurrence. That does not mean they cannot get clogged at all. You need to ensure that items that can easily prevent the flush water from draining don’t end up in the toilet bowl. 

Question: Which brand has a wider selection of toilets?

Answer: Toto is the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet systems, and naturally, they offer more products for sale than American Standard. Market research has shown that Toto has over 250 models available in the markets while American Standard has just over 200 models for sale. 


The two brands of advanced toilet systems are exemplary if you’re looking to replace your old conventional toilet with something modern. They both have features designed to make your bathroom experience tolerable and perhaps cozy. While they’re more expensive than ordinary toilets, they represent a good value of money for their features of comfort, self-cleaning ability, and limited use of water.

Toto toilets have for long led the technology when it comes to smart toilet systems. They offer the widest range of advanced features and ensure great value for money. American Standard toilets are not far behind because they offer most of the features found on the Toto toilet albeit on a much simpler package. If we had to choose one of the two amazing brands, we’ll absolutely go for the Toto toilet.

To narrow it down further, we believe the Toto Drake II is pound for pound the best smart toilet system you can get for your home.

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