Kohler Biscuit vs Almond

Kohler Biscuit vs Almond: Which Toilet Color Is Better for Your Taste?

One can only appreciate the role of colors in the bathroom by reading this review on Kohler biscuit vs Almond. Choosing the perfect color for your bathroom fixtures is no easy feat because there are endless factors to consider, such as the overall mood over you and the amount of light it pours into space.

The two colors above are the most stylish and versatile, which home designers use to promote elegance and class. Colors offer different meanings in several cultures, but there are standard things on how color affects consumer’s psychology and performance.

For instance, Almond color promotes calmness, class, neutrality, and formality. On the other hand, Biscuit color commands a warm tone to the user. Our main aim is to draw a comparison of the two Kohler products featuring biscuit and Almonds colors.

In the end, a consumer should understand the reason for settling for a particular color type and promote an exciting bathroom experience. Let’s get started.

Main Differences between Kohler Biscuit vs Almond

The Main Differences between Kohler Biscuit vs Almond are:

  • Kohler Biscuit toilet is creamy, off-white resembling pearl or attenuated lace, whereas Kohler Almond toilet is lighter, beautiful off-white with a touch of brown.
  • Kohler Biscuit toilet restores a warm tone, whereas Kohler Almond toilet promotes neutrality, formality, and calmness.

Kohler Biscuit Toilets

Kohler Biscuit

Many users consider style and aesthetics as catch points when choosing suitable Kohler toilets.  Kohler biscuit can be the right for you if you want to enjoy a warmer mood. Kohler biscuit toilet models offer a better flush which leads to a cleaner bowl.

However, not all Kohler biscuit toilets have similar features, but our focus is on the standard ones. They further combine with the right technology to offer the consumer better service. Here in this section, we will reveal some key features that define this category to help you in understanding the intention of the manufacturer. 

Features of Kohler Biscuit Toilets

Flushing Power

Kohler biscuit toilets have a dependable flushing power to eliminate all wastes from the bowl and promote cleanliness and hygiene. This flushing power depends upon several small factors such as trap-way, flush valve, and water surface area.

Most models use a dual flushing design as a way of saving water. For example, liquid-based wastes require 0.8 gallons of water to eliminate them from the bowl completely. In the same vein, sold waste may need more water by consuming 1.28 gallons for every flush for a cleaner bowl.

One determines how well a toilet flushes by using a Max Performance (Map) index. A gram score ranges from 0-1000g; anything at 1000 is at peak and has an effective flush power. Low-budget models offer 400g.


Color affects the mood of the consumer. Each user has a preferred color, and for that matter, the main color here is biscuit. So, what does biscuit color communicate to one?  It is a pale brown color to offer a warm tone in your bathroom. Furthermore, this color should match your bathroom decor and enhance your style.

Intelligent toilets

Some of the Kohler Biscuit models are intelligent toilets since they have unique features that make them intelligent. For example, some of the features that make them intelligent are warm water cleaning, automatic flushing, and heated seats.

Such toilets have an intuitive touchscreen remote for controlling their operations at a distance. For example, one can control the temperature of the seat while in the bedroom at night. Managing them at a distance gives one more convenient and makes your work easier. However, such implies that features come at a cost. You should assess your pocket before deciding on the type of toilet that will not hurt your bank account.

Toilet Shape

Kohler Biscuit

We determine the shape by looking at the structure of the bowl and match it with the seat that we place at the top and ensure a proper fit. As such, you will encounter fewer accidents and better cleaning. Kohler biscuit toilet shape is either elongated or round shape.

An elongated shape has an oval design at the front, and it stretches further to offer more leg space and increase comfort. Rounded shapes are compact and can be the right option for smaller bathrooms.


Kohler biscuit models come with certification and compliance to meet safety standards for use in different situations. For example, some have ADA compliance, meaning you can install them easily and safely in your restroom or public toilets.

Furthermore, they have a WaterSense certification which indicates that it has a water conservation mechanism. It uses less water to eliminate the same load of wastes leaving you with affordable water bills hence economical.


The process of installation may not necessarily require the services of an expert. Kohler biscuit toilets come with a user manual that carries clear instructions on how one can install them. They all require a standard rough-in of 12 inches. Some models require a three-bolt installation, and that is it.


Kohler biscuit models come from vitreous China materials, which is a mix of different kinds of clay, silica, and a fluxing agent. This shiny material has a glaze and a waterproof coating to ensure that cleaning is simple.

Such materials are durable because they do not break and wear easily as you put the toilet to use frequently. For that matter, using a long-lasting product is good news because the chances of replacements and repair are minimal.


Different models in the Kohler biscuit category command varying prices and warranties. The least warranty is one year while the extended one is five years.


  • Can work together with multiple interior styles
  • Strong and sturdy materials give such toilets a durable angle.
  • Produces powerful flushes to eliminates all wastes efficiently
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large-sized bathrooms
  • Conserves water and saves on your monthly bills


  • Those with high-0ned features are extremely costly

Kohler Almond Toilet

Kohler Toilets

Most Kohler Almond toilets in this category have graceful designs with high efficiency. For example, Kohler K-3987-0 features an Almond color to promote the right mood and inspiration and improve your toilet experience. It has the right color, which compliments the bathroom’s décor.

Most of the versions do not have a toilet seat; hence you have to buy them as separate entities. More importantly, different Almond color models can fit in all bathroom sizes, whether small or larger. However, the manufacturer is still refining such designs to integrate the latest features to stand market competition.

Features of Kohler Almond Toilets

Water Consumption

Most of the toilets with Almond finish like K-3987-0 have dual flush options, consisting of either 1.1 or 1.6 gallons. For a partial flush, you can use a 1.1-gallon option. A full flush is key to eliminate solid wastes and needs 1.6 gallons. As such, it saves on water because it has a WaterSense certification.

Moreover, some models have the trip lever that allows you to use both flush options. Such a design makes them highly convenient as it eliminates the requirement for multiple handles or buttons. Besides, some versions use a class five flushing technology which becomes useful in performing bulk-flushing.


Installation becomes a breeze since most versions use a DryLock Fast Install System. Essentially, one may use a socket wrench which helps in securing the tank to the bowl. Since such installation may not require a bolt, one may not get confused about where the bolt goes.

Even if you are just a beginner, installation may not stump you. You can read and follow manual instructions which come with the Kohler Almond toilet. Another interesting bit about installation is that it saves both money and time. One may not go for the services of a plumber or a handyman.


Kohler Almond toilets can be either one-piece or two-piece designs. For a one-piece design, it incorporates the toilet and a tank into a seamless design. Such models consume less space because they lack a gap between sections of a unit.

More importantly, they are costlier than their two-piece counterparts because it is expensive to craft porcelain materials into a single unit.

A two-piece design has a more visible surface hence requires more cleaning. Since they are not under a single mold, the toilet may become damaged between two sections. One biggest benefit of this design is that it is cheaper.

Flushing Mechanisms

Kohler Almond toilets feature either gravity feed or pressure-assisted design. A gravity feed design uses a flush valve that relies on gravity. The water responds to gravity force by falling from the tank into the bowl and moving the wastes down the drain.

Interestingly, gravity-fed toilets may need as low as 10 pounds per square inch of water pressure. They are also quiet.

Pressure-assisted models use compressed air inside the tank to create pressure, forcing all waste down the drain. Such toilets are suitable for large families since they are more effective than gravity feed designs. Before you purchase this design, ensure that the bathroom has more than 25 lb/ sq. inch water pressure to work properly. Notably, they are a bit noisy and expensive.

Size and Shape

Kohler Almond toilets come in different sizes and shapes. Size and shape offer a vital role in determining the amount of floor space your toilet occupies in the bathroom. Furthermore, it also dictates the kind of comfort one enjoys while using it. Such toilets manifest either in compact or elongated designs.

Compact sizes are suitable in limited spaces hence favors small bathrooms. Moreover, compact toilets come with round or square-shaped seats. On the other hand, elongated Kohler Almond toilets feature an oval shape which many users find more comfortable.


Kohler Almond toilets are powerful equipment to improve your toilet experience. It is noteworthy that they come in different price ranges at all levels. You must understand your budget and priorities for you to choose the one that fits your desire. As a rule of thumb, the toilet one with additional features may cause you to dig deeper into your pocket and vice versa.


  • Have an Almond color which is a show of class, elegance, and a calm mood
  • Powerful flushing mechanism to eliminate both solid and liquid wastes
  • All have a water-saving design; hence economical to use
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Suitable for all bathroom sizes


  • One must buy a seat separately

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Which is better between Kohler Biscuit and Almond?

Kohler Toilets

Many people get overwhelmed by choices when given two options between Kohler biscuit and Almond.  One thing that should ring a bell is the type of inspiration you wish to get from the two colors. Beyond that, you should examine the type of features that any product has and match your expectations.

Kohler biscuit is the right option if you want to experience a warmer tone. More importantly, such a toilet must carry proper features that enhance your bathroom experience. For instance, it should have a water-saving design to cut your monthly water bill. Other additional features should revolve around durability and modern technology if your budget allows.

Kohler Almond toilet is the right equipment with a suitable color for promoting a calm tone. Additionally, it indicates a touch of elegance and class. For that matter, it should have relevant features to ensure one gets a better toilet experience.

We recommend the Kohler Almond toilet because it has the right color to boost your morale as a royal-minded person.


Question: What color is a Kohler biscuit fixture?

Biscuit is a standard term given to a creamy, off-white color. It is a step darker than the original white to promote traditional or country settings. The purpose of using such a color is to bring certain inspirations to the user and enhance a bathroom experience. 

Question: What color could be an Almond toilet?

Answer: It is an off-white color with some elements of neutrality. Furthermore, it is still a popular color in your bathroom to set the right mood for a better bathroom encounter. More importantly, you can spice your toilet up with convenient features.

Question: How can I get rid of brown stains from the bowl?

Answer: Mix two cups of vinegar with a few sprinkles of baking soda to the toilet bowl. Begin to swish this solution around the bowl using your brush for a few minutes and let it rest for around 15 minutes. Finally, scrub the brown stain with the brush.

Question: Is Coke a reliable cleaning agent for your toilet?

Answer: Fizzy coke soda is reliable in giving your toilet a spotlessly clean surface. Start by pouring Coke along the edges of the bowl. The carbonation process takes care of lifting off the stains from the surface. Leave the toilet overnight and flush the fizz in the morning to offer it a new look.

Question: How can one clean a badly stained toilet?

Answer: You can involve vinegar to remove any stubborn stains from your bowl. Try an overnight soak to banish those grubby marks at once. Pour at least 120 ml of white vinegar into a toilet bowl and close the lid for 8 hours or overnight.

Wrapping Up

Kohler is a reputable brand that offers various designs in terms of technology and color for multiple consumer consumption. For instance, one can choose various color designs such as Almond or biscuits and enhance the bathroom décor and inspiration.

For this article, we have been comparing two color options and how they affect the different needs and expectations of customers. Overall, you must know a suitable color among the two and use it to set a correct mood that enhances your bathroom experience.

Above all, color alone is not enough to provide real convenience. The right toilet must have relevant features in flush performance, durability, and better technology and simplify matters for you. 

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