Toto Drake vs Drake 2

Toto Drake vs Drake 2: Which Is the Top Pick?

As you read this review on Toto Drake vs Drake 2, you will discover that the two products have similarities and differences. For instance, the two have powerful flushing mechanisms to eliminate all wastes and leave the bowl clean. On the other side, they differ in water consumption capabilities.

These two products come from Toto, a world-leading company in the production of plumbing and bathroom utilities. Toto Drake vs Toto Drake 2 has unique features coupled with cutting-edge technology to restore great benefits to the buyer.

We will be uncovering all minute details about the two products and assist you in making proper choices.

One should look for the right toilet because such items differ in comfort, design, noise level, size, and performance. We aim at comparing these two products and draw a line for you to appreciate their uniqueness and settle for the one that meets your requirements. Let’s dig further deeper. 

Main Differences Between Toto Drake vs Drake 2 

The main differences between Toto Drake vs Drake 2 are:

  • Toto Drake comes with a G-max flushing system that uses siphon jet flushing action to eliminate all wastes in a bowl, whereas a Drake 2 model uses double cyclone flushing action (tornado flush), consuming minimal water to clear waste. 
  • Toto Drake toilet is not water efficient because it consumes 1.6GPF for every flush, whereas Drake 2 toilet has a WaterSense certification which prompts it to use 1.28 GPF hence water-efficient.
  • Toto Drake uses SanaGloss having antibacterial properties with a self-cleaning mechanism to leave your toilet clean, whereas Drake 2 toilet uses CEFiONITECT glaze, which prevents particles from adhering to the surface and enhances sanitary issues. 
  • Toto Drake comes in only one color, whereas Drake 2 is available in four multiple colors to compliment your chosen décor. 
  • Toto Drake is best for commercial and home use, whereas the designer recommends Drake 2 for home use only. 

Toto Drake Review

toto drake

It is a Japanese brand available in a two-piece pack that is a seat and a tank. This unit has unique features such as a G-max flushing system to clean the system with minimum noise.

Furthermore, it has a 1.6 GPF water consumption which may be more efficient than older models, which consumed 6 gallons of water for every flush. 

Typically, this toilet has an elongated shape to provide a comfortable sitting position. More importantly, it comes with a universal height to serve the different needs of people, whether you are young or old. As if that is not all, the designer fitted it with a SanaGloss coating to make the bowl smooth and easy to clean. 

This toilet stands out on durability, and one can repair it easily in case of damage. That is so because its package contains several pieces for replacement in case you want to repair it. 

Features of Toto Drake

Flushing System 

Toto drake uses a powerful dual flushing system to force all wastes down the drain. Specifically, it uses G-Max technology, including a siphon jet and a huge valve, to enhance more flush power. It siphons water into a bowl and in great quantity and force. As such, it has higher chances of removing both liquid and solid wastes out of the bowl. 

A fully glazed trap-way operates silently despite its power and intensity. Uniquely, Drake uses 1.6 gallons per flush, unlike modern 1.28 GPF, which many experts consider energy efficient. Having a dual flush nature is beneficial in that it offers a powerful flush to get rid of any mess and stains. 

Concealed Design

Toilets serve as essential components in the bathroom, and for that matter, they need to look better. For instance, any dirty or ugly toilet can be uninviting to many users. Toto Drake happens to be a two-piece toilet making it have a more traditional look. Furthermore, they do not hide dirt or ducts, making a cleaning exercise easy. Still, it has an elongated design to provide more sitting space and provide more comfort.

This two-piece toilet is also easy to install because it has a rough-in of 12 inches. It has sleek and multiple color variations that suit different bathroom styles to your preference. In the same vein, it has an electronic washlet bidet seat to offer unparalleled luxury and reduce tissue paper wastage. 


drake toilet

Toto Drake is the perfect model for everyone. It meets the demands of the American Disability act to serve every age from young to old. Similarly, it is a universal toilet for use both at home and for commercial purposes. 


toto toilet design

Toto Drake is a dependable toilet to offer exceptional service over a long period. What advances that fact is that it has better material construction featuring vitreous China, which does not wear or break easily. As such, the toilet becomes cost-effective because you will not spend a lot of money on frequent repairs and constant replacements.  


Toto Drake is a great toilet that supports proper user hygiene. For example, it has a special SanaGloss finishing that prevents molds, mildew, and bacteria. Such designs make cleaning this toilet easier. When put to use, you cannot experience lousy odors that can be frustrating. 

Prices and Warranty

Toto Drake comes in a different price range to support the needs of various categories of people. As such, they can serve small homes and large organizations where frequent usage is the order of the day. Generally, this product has a one-year warranty with better return and replacement terms.

You can order it from online platforms or get it from the manufacturer and authorized dealers directly.


  • Uses a G-Max flushing system which is efficient in eliminating all wastes from the bowl
  • The use of SanaGloss technology is a self-cleaning mechanism to prevent mold and bacterial growth.
  • Boasts of the right height and shape to suit the needs of all users
  • Has an elongated shape to provide more comfort for the users
  • It is easy to install


  • Shows signs of chipping when cleaned with a hard-bristled brush

Toto Drake 2 Review

toto drake 2

Drake 2 has a two-piece design, that is, a tank and a bowl. It uses a cyclone flushing system fitted on it for better delivery. This higher flushing mechanism features two outlets to enable water to spin faster when you flush. A sitting bowl has an elongated shape to provide more comfort to the user. Like the one above, it has a universal height to support people of all ages comfortably. 

More importantly, it has a ceramic coating to offer it a neat finish. A smooth and glossy texture makes it easy to clean. This toilet has a computerized bowl and a tank, ensuring that one uses minimal water for every flush.

A cyclone flushing method is efficient in that it ensures all solid and liquid wastes are no more in a single flush. Since it comes in a separate piece, installation becomes easy. One can replace each piece without interfering with the entire set.

This toilet comes in multiple colors such as beige, white, ebony, or cotton white to give your bathroom a spectacular neat look. It is a suitable toilet for homeowners due to its blockage-free performance. 

Features to Toto Drake 2

Flushing Performance 

This toilet uses a powerful cyclone flushing system to eliminate all wastes in a single flush. This system enables water to spin at a higher rate and flush down all solid and clogged tissues to make a bowl cleaner and attractive.

More importantly, this robust flushing technology is quieter to promote a noiseless environment. 

Toto Drake 2 toilet uses a dual flushing mechanism with a conservation angle. For a liquid flush, you can use 0.8 GPF, while a solid flush uses 1.28 GPF and reduces your monthly water costs by a great deal. This unit meets WaterSense standards for better water preservation purposes.  

Shape and Size

Drake 2 toilet has an elongated bowl which is a superior design with additional comfort to the user. In other words, this two-piece toilet provides extra space for sitting. 

It has a universal comfort design to make it suitable for people with varying heights. For instance, sitting and standing up is easy hence suitable for the disabled and older people.


Toto Drake 2 uses sustainable vitreous china to come up with popular designs that can serve users extensively. The lid comes from stainless steel materials which are both rust and corrosion-resistant. Such materials enhance the value of this product for the buyer to appreciate such a reliable investment in homes. 

Moreover, these materials have a CEFiONITECT glaze technology, being a special coating to prevent the growth of certain molds and bacteria and keep one safe from associated dangers.

Additionally, such a coating causes dust and dirt to slip away hence making any cleaning exercise easier. Unlike the one above, this toilet manifests in multiple colors. 


Toto Brake 2 is a useful product whose package includes a user manual for stepwise instructions on the installation procedure, which is simple. It also comes with a separate tank and bowl. The cool thing is it is a dual-piece toilet with a 12-inch rough-in making it super easy for anyone to install. 

Prize and Warranty

drake 2

Toto Drake 2 is an affordable product that won’t break your bank if you decide to invest in it. It is among the best toilets with exceptional features to serve someone well, coupled with pocket-friendly prices.

Additionally, upon purchase, the buyer gets a 12-month warranty to facilitate any replacements and repairs and make your life easy. 


  • Uses CEFiONITECT glaze technology to prevent germs and bacteria growth hence promoting a high level of hygiene
  • Uses a dual flush system which is powerful to clear all wastes in the bowl and maintain cleanliness
  • It is a water-efficient device since it uses 1.28 gallons per flush 
  • Toto Drake comes in four different colors to compliment multiple styles of your bathroom. 
  • It is affordable and easy to install


  • It may sound costly to some buyers who operate on a low budget
  • The design could be better because it has an average look

Which is better between Toto Drake and Toto Drake 2? 

One can only determine the right option by appreciating their similarities and differences. For a Toto drake option, it proves to be a multipurpose device since it can serve at home or use for commercial reasons. It also meets ADA standards hence safe and easy to install.

One major thing that can make it unique is that it has a higher water consumption than its counterpart. 

Observably, Toto Drake 2 is a super product with a powerful flushing performance to ensure that your toilet remains clean and clog-free. Being a WaterSense complaint, be sure that the rate of water consumption is minimal hence economical. Moreover, it has multiple color variations to suit your preferences. 

So, among the two, which is better? We recommend that you settle for Toto Drake 2 because it has a smooth glaze, making it difficult for waste to stick onto it.

Another catch is about the swirling of water around the bowl to remove skid marks. Furthermore, Toto Drake 2 lacks any rim making it easier to clean. 


Question: Is Toto Drake a reliable toilet?

Answer: Toto Drake happens to be more costly than similar models. What makes it worth it that Toto is a well-respected brand that keeps on improving on its features.
For instance, Toto uses vitreous China materials, which are long-lasting and easy to clean. Additionally, it has a powerful flushing method to clear all wastes and leave the bowl clean. 

Question: What is the Dynamax tornado flush in Toto Toilets? 

Answer: Such a technology sends all the water via the rim so that it can utilize them all in the cleaning of the bowl and evacuating the wastes. Furthermore, it comes with a great force which makes it possible to maximize less water more efficiently. This type of evacuation promotes a quieter operation to ensure one restores a suitable noise level. 

Question: What is the importance of a dual button in a dual flush toilet? 

Answer: The main role of the two buttons is for conservation. The larger lever is for flushing solid wastes, while a smaller one is for flushing out liquid wastes from your bowl effectively. You do not have to use more water if you were to eliminate liquid wastes only. 

Question: What is CeFiONtect?

Answer: TOTO ceramic products use a CeFioNtect glaze to provide a long-lasting finish. Such a coating prevents any buildup of molds, waste matter, and mildew. As such, it gives one ample time to clean and maintain over a long period. 

Question: Is Toto Washlet sanitary? 

Answer: A Toto washlet is an advanced system that promotes hygiene and user comfort. It makes use of a water cleansing system to leave the user fresher and rejuvenated.
More importantly, this washlet uses warm water to promote your actions. Yes, it is a reliable system to promote your cleanliness and hygiene. 

Question: Is a hissing toilet safe?

Though it is not a plumbing emergency, when you sense such a noise, access the water supply valve and shut it off. Next, call a plumber to diagnose the problem and fix it. 

Wrapping Up

Overall, these two toilets are reliable to offer exceptional performance and enhance your bathroom experience. In the same vein, the two toilets are easy to install and provide good comfort to different users. One option has a dominant color, while the other one has varieties. 

Having a durable toilet is what any user would want to have. Modern toilets use the latest technology to simplify their operations and provide more convenience to the users. While the two brands have limitations, their benefits exceed them all. For that matter, you need to surprise your family by purchasing a suitable Toto toilet to promote greater hygiene at home. 

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